Review: Thüros T1

Back in May 2016 I wrote a review of the original Thüros tabletop grill, and having used it almost weekly ever since, my opinion of it certainly hasn’t changed.  The original is a fantastic bit of kit.  So when the new T1 model was released and I was asked to review that too, I actually wondered what they could have possibly done to improve it.  Again, I was very impressed with what arrived on my doorstep.

As with the original, straight out of the box you’re ready to cook.  Absolutely no construction is required here other than placing the charcoal grate and cooking grate in place and lighting  the fuel and you’ll be ready to cook in less than 15 minutes.  This is the main reason that my original tabletop grill was the most regularly used piece of kit in my BBQ arsenal in 2016.  A few handfuls of charcoal is all that’s needed to cook, so the excellent fuel efficiency remains unchanged.


Providing the same 30x30cm cooking area, the cooking grate itself is now heavy duty and appears twice the gauge of the previous model.  My original has had a serious amount of use and the cooking grate is showing some signs of wear and tear, so this is a definite improvement.  There is a redesigned ‘dished’ charcoal grate which as well as providing great air flow to your fuel, actually makes it really easy to remove the ash after a cook.


The whole unit is slightly heavier than the last, with a wider sloping base which is furnished with plastic feet.  These, I can only imagine, were added as a feature to reduce the possibility of scratching being caused to whatever surface you were to place the unit on, although I never found that to be an issue myself, but a glass tabletop or polished surface would possibly benefit.


Comparing the two grills side by side, the T1 is beefier all round.  Slightly taller and heavier with an improved upper rim that is folded inwards instead of the previous bare metal lip of the original, making the new unit sleeker with a more polished feel to it.

All the original add on accessories fit the new model, and on this occasion I received the BBQ hood which is a great addition and would allow for a slower, lower temperature cook if required, and although speed is the attraction for me with this unit I’ve found the hood to be a great accessory.



There’s a real buzz around the new T1 on social media at the moment, and having received mine and cooked on it a few times it’s really easy to see why.  The subtle changes to the design have clearly been carefully considered, but this doesn’t take away from it’s superb performance.  I have the skewer attachment already, and can highly recommend that add on, however it’s perfectly fine if you’re just starting out with the base unit and using stand alone wooden or metal kebab skewers.


Overall the T1 is a superbly manufactured, high quality, beautifully designed piece of equipment that will last you a lifetime and make a great addition to your collection.


Pick up yours here !


Note:  I was sent this unit on a complimentary basis, but as always I have been free to give my honest opinion.  

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