Kelly’s Kansas Steak Rub


It’s here!  Thanks to rub and sauce maestro, John Gower of Quiet Waters Farm in North Devon, there is now a brand new steak rub available to buy that carries my name! And it’s stunning!  This is what John says about Kelly’s Kansas Steak Rub …

‘Inspired by our friend Kelly Bramill’s love of a KC style steak rub we went about blending a uniquely Quiet Waters version that brings together all sorts of subtle flavour notes into a steak seasoning that just keeps on giving. Great complex spicing, gentle heat, good garlic blasts and a hint of citrus bring even the leaner sirloins to life.’

Here’s the story of how it came about.

The BBQ community are a really friendly bunch, and I’ve found that they can often surprise you with random acts of kindness… even if you only know that person ‘virtually’.

This was the case back in the autumn, when a couple of friends of mine travelled over to the US for the 2016 American Royal World Series of Barbecue®.  Whilst there, they met up with a lovely guy called John Borden, a KC resident who we all knew through his FB site Patio Daddy ‘o BBQ Group as well as CountryWoodSmoke – UK BBQ where we are all members.

When John realised I lived relatively near to one of the guys, he insisted on sending back a bag of Kansas City steak rub for me to try!  I was so chuffed, not only because John had been so incredibly kind, but also because it’s not something you can easily get your hands on in the UK.

The rub was amazing!  Rough grade, full of ingredients you could actually see and identify, rather than a powder, it was herby, citrusy and had lovely chunks of salt and garlic through it which was superb on a grilled steak.  I went online to thank him and popped a few photos of how I’d cooked with it on there too.

This prompted a long conversation between Quiet Waters John Gower and I about the rub itself, as he had some experience of what I was using.  As it happened, John wanted to introduce a new steak rub to his already fantastic range of rubs and sauces, and so with a teeny bit of input from me about what I loved about the KC version, he got to work making a totally unique steak rub which is his own refined take on the popular KC rub.


I have to say I love it just as much (if not a little more, but don’t tell the residents of KC).  It has all the elements that I loved about the original, but with some fabulous twists.  I received my delivery of it yesterday and I was so happy with it.  I immediately dusted a nice piece of sirloin with it and had an al fresco lunch in the snow!  Nothing better than that really.



Kelly’s and the full Quiet Waters range of products are available to buy here.  Go check them out!

‘We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto’

K x

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