Review: Palmetto Moonshine from Shine London

Moonshine is un-aged, corn bases whiskey with it’s illicit, colourful and incredibly interesting US history dating back to the 18th century.  It was the history and culture surrounding it, as well as the flavour, that sparked the interest of Shine’s co-founders Stephen Morgan and Matt Gatfield whilst on a road trip along the East Coast of America.

Having exclusive UK distribution in Greater London and working along side Moonshine Traders, Shine London now presents new, premium Palmetto Moonshine from South Carolina’s first legal distillery, their aim being to give us Brits the chance to taste this whisky in an authentic setting fitting of the heritage of the drink.  This artisan product is produced in small batches and is triple-distilled to maintain premium taste and quality.  The company also boasts it’s own themed mobile bar which is ready to bring along to corporate events, weddings, pop up cinemas and any other even that could do with a bit of American style and hospitality.


Despite it’s long history, Moonshine is relatively new to the UK, with many having heard of the drink but never having actually tried it, myself being one of them.  I must admit to not being a whiskey drinker and when I got the chance to try this really interesting product I was worried that I wasn’t able to give it the review it deserved due to my own personal tastes.  However I was very pleasantly surprised.

The drink comes in 5 flavours: Strawberry (not available to me), Apple Pie, Peach, Blackberry and American Shine with ABV values ranging from 22.5% to 52.5%

I started by tasting each one neat and what I was expecting to be a harsh, knock it back quick kind of drink was nothing of the sort.  The smoothness surprised me as did the wonderful fruit flavours.  I could literally drink the Apple Pie flavour all day (or at least until I fell over)!!  Imagine a gorgeous, deep filled, cinnamon-laced apple pie…. well it tastes like a boozy liquid version.  Extremely moreish!

The blackberry and peach versions were equally as delicious with distinct fruit flavours and the same smooth, easy drinking quality about them.  The American Shine has a sweet note to it and is a lot stronger at 52.5%.  Excellent in a cocktail or with a mixer like ginger beer.

Being already quite taken with the drink I decided to try a few cocktails.  I can highly recommend these…

The Pom-Orange

50ml Peach Shine
200ml Fresh Orange Juice
25ml Pomegranate Syrup
25ml Lime Juice
Serve over ice.


The Pom-Orange

Jamaica Mon-Shine

25ml American Moonshine
125ml Ginger Beer
25ml Lemon Juice
25ml Simple Syrup

Prohibition Smoothie

25ml Blackberry Shine
125ml Ginger Ale
5 Large Strawberries blended with
25ml Lime Syrup


Prohibition Smoothie

I also wanted to have a go at incorporating Moonshine into a recipe or two.  I started by using a really good slug in some homemade apple sauce to accompany a couple of huge Mangalista tomahawks that were going on the grill.  I took 3 large cooking apples peeled and chopped roughly, a tbsp of water and a double measure of Apple Pie Shine.  I placed the whole lot in a small saucepan and cooked gently over a low heat until he apples had fallen.  The Shine added a wonderful flavour to the sauce which cut through the fattiness of the pork really well.


I also knocked up a couple of variations of my Lollipop Chicken and made glazes using pomegranate syrup and Blackberry Shine and another using Maple syrup and Peach Shine.  Simply combine the syrup and moonshine in a small saucepan, bring to the boil for a moment and gently simmer until reduced.  These went down so well!


All in all I loved Palmetto Moonshine.  I also love the passion that Stephen and Matt bring along with it.  Give it a try for yourself and taste a little bit of American history.  The guys now have taster sets available to buy which I reckon would make great gifts.

Find out more at Shine London

Twitter – @shinelondon_

Insta – @ShineLondon

Facebook – Shine London

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