Review: Thüros Tabletop Grill

I’ve planned on bringing you some BBQ/food related reviews for a while now, and I thought what better way to start than with the German made Thuros Tabletop Grill.

I’ve had a really good opportunity to put this fabulous little grill through it’s paces in the last couple of weeks, and I have to say….I’m very impressed.

Straight out of the box there’s no construction required. Simply remove any packaging, place the charcoal plate in the base and then pop on the cooking grate. You’re done! All you need is charcoal and something to cook.

Constructed from durable stainless steel and weighing just 3kg, this compact, contemporary looking grill is not only portable but offers an impressive 30cm x 30cm cooking area. It’s ideal for camping or taking on a picnic, but so far as quick mid-week cooks go, for me it’s absolutely perfect. If you’re eating outside it can act as an attractive tabletop fire-pit after the cooking is done and the base of the unit is constructed in a way that protects whatever surface you place it on from heat.


The design of the grill is simple yet effective. It’s shape means it requires very little charcoal yet creates a surprising amount of heat. So you can be up and running in about 15 minutes. Ideal when time is short.

There are a number of ad-ons available for the tabletop grill including a flat lid for storage, a pyramid shaped hood which converts the grill into a mini BBQ, a wind deflector, an electric element (handy for when live fire isn’t an option) and a very smart skewer attachment, which I had delivered with mine.



The skewer attachment frame fits snugly onto the base unit and is again constructed from stainless steel, as are the skewers. These fit in the notches of the frame, their shape allowing 360˚ rotation of the food over the heat source. I found this to be a great feature which provided a really even cook.  Note that I have my skewers back-to-front in the above picture.  I was a little over enthusiastic when getting it out of the box!

To get started just place a couple of handfuls of charcoal onto the fuel grate, creating a little pile.  Place a natural firefighter in the centre of the pile – I use the wood wool type, and light it.


Once the charcoal is fully ashed over (10-15 minutes) you’re ready to go.


The instructions that come with the grill state that you can cook with just 250g of charcoal, so I weighed my first batch to see for myself.  I honestly wasn’t convinced it would be enough fuel to cook on, but I needn’t have been concerned.  This quantity was more than enough to cook my Lamb Kofta recipe and the fuel still had mileage even after the food was cooked.


The skewer attachment also proved to be perfect for grilling the chicken for my Balti Butter Chicken recipe, adding another level of flavour to an already delicious curry.


The cooking grate itself easily handled a couple of whopping tuna steaks that I picked up from my local farmers market, with room to spare.  The integrated handles are a great design feature meaning it can be easily removed during cooking (to add further fuel for example) if required.


Ditch the cooking grate and the base of the grill is perfect for cooking ‘dirty’ (directly on the charcoal).  Use natural lumpwood charcoal and avoid anything claiming to be ‘easy light’ or ‘instant lighting’.  That stuff is doused in accelerant and just plain nasty.


On the whole I really can’t find any negatives with this compact little grill, other than it’s the only BBQ I own that I feel compelled to clean!  I do love a bit of stainless steel!  In all seriousness though, if you are the sort of person who cleans your BBQ, this one fits easily in the kitchen sink and cleans up a treat.

I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the other attachments available for the Thüros and I’ll keep you updated with reviews/recipes.

RRP £79.99 and worth every penny in my opinion.  If you’re interested in finding out more about this product, or making the smart decision and actually buying one, then talk to David at


5 thoughts on “Review: Thüros Tabletop Grill

  1. Just got mien a week or two back – extremely impressed with it so far. I love the way you can attach the skewers and still have the grill grate underneath so you can can have a couple of kebabs on the go and still have two thirds of the grate available for grilling.

  2. Mine has arrived just yesterday! It is an unbelievably good quality product and very stylish as well, I can’t wait to set it on fire :) Great review, I’ll check out those kebab recipes!

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