Coffee Rub

If you like beef, you have to try this rub!  Normally I’m a simple salt and pepper girl when it comes to a nice piece of beef.  I think if you have a quality piece of meat it really can speak for itself as long as you cook it right.  However when you add coffee to the mix it only helps to emphasise the already incredible flavour of quality beef.

Come on…. don’t screw your face up like that!  It doesn’t taste like you’ve poured a cup of coffee onto your Sunday roast, but rather it adds a deep smokey, nutty profile that accentuates the flavour of the beef.

Steak, beef ribs or a roasting joint will all benefit from a dusting of this rub.  Give it a try, it’s so simple I promise you won’t be sorry.

Now when I say coffee, I mean a good quality coffee.  One where someone has taken precious time to select the right beans and roast them to perfection.  I’m very fortunate to have a coffee roastery not far from where I live.  Sacred Grounds Coffee Company are based in Arbroath and are producing some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted.  They only produce roasted beans, as they believe that their coffee is best appreciated freshly ground just before drinking, and I’d have to agree.  After meeting Ian and Kathryn for the first time, trying their coffee and seeing how enthusiastic and passionate they are about their product, which is lovingly roasted by Jamie, I was sold. Check them out on Facebook (link above) and on Twitter @SacredGrounds14.



3 tbsp fresh, finely ground coffee

1 tbsp sea salt

1 tbsp freshly ground black pepper


It couldn’t be any easier.  Simply dust your piece of meat with a generous amount of the rub and massage it in well.  Then cook as you would normally.  I most recently smoked some beef ribs with it and I was so happy with the results.

For those of you who like to smoke your meat, I followed the hot and fast method for my ribs suggested by Edward Gash of Bunch of Swines Competition BBQ Team and Events Caterer.  It works really well for those of us who use ugly drum smokers.  I simply rubbed, smoked at around 300˚f / 148˚C for 2 hours, wrapped them tightly in foil and returned them to the smoker for a further 1 hour 45 minutes by which point they were done.

I used pear wood chunks to smoke my beef ribs, which added a wonderfully subtle, sweet woodsy smoke to the meat.  I source all my smoking woods, dust and accessories from my wood guru James at Smokewood Shack, which is a family run business based in the Peak District.  He offers a really personal service and is always happy to give advice. If you’re new to smoking, I recommend you check out his website.  He can also be found on Twitter @SmokewoodShack


Give this rub a try on your next peice of beef, whichever cut you fancy, using whatever cooking method works best for you.  It can be easily tweaked too.  Try adding other flavours to it such as onion/garlic granules, chilli, coco powder, cayenne or paprika.  That’s the beauty of making your own dry rubs.  You really can tailor them to your own taste.  It can also be used with other meats, so don’t think you’re confined to beef.  Try experimenting with it.



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