Monday, 20 November 2017
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OnePlus 5T Launched: Price, Specifications And Availability


However, OnePlus , true to its reputation for quality at a budget price , is offering that same design experience at a much more affordable £449. Around back, the 5T shares the 5's 16MP and 20MP sensors. Of course, the objective of the dual-cameras is to offer that cool portrait mode - wherein subjects remain sharp, while the background is blown out with that creamy bokeh effect. Read More »

Newly discovered nearby planet could support life


Scientists think " Ross 128 b " - which is around the same size as Earth, with a surface temperature that could also be similar to our planet - may be capable of sustaining life. The planet has been able to achieve its temperate climate because it orbits an inactive red dwarf star. Ross 128 appears at the center of the picture. Read More »

Android Distribution chart for November shows Oreo at 0.3%


Last year's version, Android 7.0/7.1 Nougat, is building up a head of steam in its efforts to overtake Android 6 Marshmallow. He writes: "In May 2017, Google announced that there are over two billion active Android devices". Maybe Android Oreo can help us out. Now some of you might be confused as, phones like OnePlus, Samsung and some Android skins will indicate to you which app is draining your battery, but with this new update, it will become a feature included with the Android ... Read More »

IPhone X's Face ID gets conned by mask


A lot of them have failed despite spending tons of time and resources. The relatively cheap mask apparently can bypass the handset's infrared sensors and mapping technology which needs to connect 30,000 dots on the user's face to confirm his identity. Read More »

Qualcomm has rejected Broadcom's $130 billion 'unsolicited proposal'


Qualcomm's board of directors could meet as early as Sunday to review the unsolicited acquisition offer and decide on its strategy, the sources said. NXP shares have been trading above Qualcomm's offer price, as many NXP shareholders, including hedge fund Elliott Management Corp, have been holding out for a better price. Read More »

Hulu App Released for Nintendo Switch


The arrival of Hulu, however, likely means that the wait for non-game apps is coming to an end. The press release lists this URL as Switch's Hulu webpage, but the page was not yet working as of publication time. Although the company's largest audience is older Millennials (25-34), the streaming service pulls a higher percentage of young millennial subscribers (18-24) than Netflix and Amazon, and its current strategy seems to be focused on continuing to attract this growing demographic. Read More »

IOS 11.1.1 update now available, includes 'i' autocorrect fix


The malfunction, which impacted some users who updated their iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices to iOS 11 .1, autocorrected "i" to an odd symbol that appeared as "A [?]". You can update your iPhone to iOS 11 .1.1 by going to Settings General Software Update . Are there examples of the autocorrect bug? The Apple Pay features on iOS 11 .2 and watchOS 4.2 means Apple device owners won't have to download other apps like Venmo for person-to-person transactions. Read More »

Facebook Working On Method To Prevent Revenge Porn


The Australian government agency e-Safety is partnering with Facebook in an effort to prevent people from sharing intimate images without consent, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation . Facebook promises that your naked selfies will be safe with it; it has said that it will not store users' photos on any of its servers. Then the social networking firm, in collaboration with e-Safety, wants the users to upload their intimate photos directly to their messenger . Read More »

Study shows sheep recognise human faces


Initially, the sheep were trained to approach certain images by being given food rewards. Since the handler cares for the sheep daily, the animals were familiar with her - although they had never seen a 2-D photo of her face. If they chose the wrong photograph, a buzzer would sound and they would receive no reward. Results said that the sheep were able to spot the right face on more than one occasions. Read More »

Google Search and Maps Now Show You Estimated Wait Times at Restaurants

According to the Huffington Post , Google hopes to have the wait times ready for most grocery stores by Thanksgiving, so you can plan your turkey purchasing accordingly. You can either look up the current wait times, or tap on an hour of your choice to find the estimated wait for that time period. Google Search and Maps will now display wait times for almost one million sit-down restaurants across the globe. Read More »