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Jury Finds Jason Van Dyke Guilty Of Murdering Laquan McDonald

07 October 2018

Police announced the arrest of Ross shortly before a jury convicted Van Dyke of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm in the 2014 death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. He was found guilty of all 16 counts of aggravated battery, but cleared of official misconduct.

Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of second-degree murder today, but in an overwhelming number of cases in America, if a cop shoots someone because he's angry he's considered a murderer, while if he shoots someone because he's scared, he's innocent. "He made it up".

Chicago Public Schools issued a statement encouraging administrators to work with students to designate an "appropriate, safe space" for protests. In recent years, fatal shootings of civilians by police officers in Cincinnati, Milwaukee, North Charleston, South Carolina, and the Minneapolis area have spurred intense protests, followed by criminal charges, then by acquittals or deadlocked juries. Seven are white, three are Hispanic, one is Asian-American and one is African-American.

"What we do know, what he (Van Dyke) did see, was a black boy walking down the street. having audacity to ignore the police", McMahon said. After the verdict, Van Dyke, whose bond was immediately revoked, was taken into custody. In the initial report, McDonald claimed the teen was acting erratically and charged towards him, causing the officer to fire 16 gunshots. The defense built their counterargument around the video not being enough evidence to accurately depict the scenario for Van Dyke.

At that point, Van Dyke shot McDonald and he fell to the ground.

"The people's cup has run over with these police violations of people's rights", he said.

The jury was also given the option of finding him guilty of second-degree murder, which would indicate the mitigating factor that the killing was not premeditated, but that Van Dyke showed obvious disregard for the consequences of his action.

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The jury determining Officer Jason Van Dyke's fate is expected to continue deliberations Friday after starting them on Thursday afternoon.

Van Dyke showed little emotion as the verdicts were read out in court.

In anticipation of possible unrest, the Chicago Police had put the entire force on 12-hour shifts and cancelled any planned days off.

"This was not a first-degree murder", Miller said.

Herbert argued that McDonald was to blame for what happened that night, saying "the tragedy. could have been prevented by one simple step". "You can use your common sense, ladies and gentlemen". Before the conviction Friday, only six non-federal police officers had been convicted of murder in such cases - and four of those were overturned - since 2005, according to data compiled by criminologist and Bowling Green State University professor Phil Stinson. It also led to a U.S. Justice Department investigation that found a "pervasive cover-up culture" and prompted plans for far-reaching police reforms.

The verdict will be the latest chapter in a story that has led to the police superintendent and the county's top prosecutor both losing their jobs - one fired by the mayor and the other ousted by voters.

Jury Finds Jason Van Dyke Guilty Of Murdering Laquan McDonald