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Fortnite High Stakes and v5.40 update delayed over controller bug

27 September 2018

In The Getaway, teams will compete against one another to capture up to four safes that come via supply drops, spread around the map.

The Getaway LTM is an entirely new experience for Fortnite, being part of a larger event that Epic is calling High Stakes.

The game type is certainly different than anything we've seen in Fortnite to date and continues to show off the innovation and consistent updating Epic is putting into their already massively popular battle royale. Well, that's now up for grabs, alongside a bunch of other additions for both Battle Royale and Save the World. The first four teams that will be able to acquire these jewels and then use the getaway cars to escape will be the winners. While carrying a jewel, players will regenerate health and shields, but will be visible to all players for 30 seconds and be slowed down by 10%.

Great news for "Fortnite" players! Throughout the High Stakes event, the Wildcard outfit will be featured in the store periodically. Certain weapons have also received new rarity colors, and the rare rocket launcher, suppressed submachine gun, rare pistol and legendary bolt-action sniper rifle have been removed entirely.

Fortnite Patch 5.40
Fortnite for Android adds voice chat, support for HTC and Sony phones

The item has 15 charges and has Epic rarity so it will be hard for players to get their hands on. Check out the full list of changes and bug fixes in the official patch notes. Several supply drops are scattered around the island.

The next Fortnite patch has officially arrived and it's introducing a brand new game mode.

The Essential Phone, which Epic Games said also receives support in v5.40, has actually had the support it needed right from the start.

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Fortnite High Stakes and v5.40 update delayed over controller bug