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Trump says Brett Kavanaugh accusations 'totally political'

24 September 2018

Speaking in NY, where he is attending the U.N. General Assembly this week, Trump said the allegations against Kavanaugh are "totally political". "I think it could be - a chance this could be one of the single most unfair, unjust things to happen to a candidate for anything". "Judge Kavanaugh is an outstanding person and I'm with him all the way".

On Sunday night, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh denied allegations in a New Yorker article by Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer that he had put his exposed genitals in the face of a fellow freshman, Deborah Ramirez, during a drinking game in a Yale dorm.

Scrambling to respond, the White House and Kavanaugh issued swift denials of the report.

The New Yorker said it contacted Ms Ramirez after learning of a possible involvement in an incident with Mr Kavanaugh.

The judge has denied both claims, labelling the latest "a smear".

The White House criticized Ford for allegedly dithering. And I was never told this story by her, or by anyone else.

Earlier on Monday, the White House adviser Kellyanne Conway called the claims a "vast leftwing conspiracy" and said Kavanaugh should not have to pay for decades of "pent-up" demands by women for a cultural reckoning on sexual misconduct.

The Judiciary Committee's top Democrat, Senator Dianne Feinstein, has called on the panel's Republican chairman, Senator Chuck Grassley, to postpone Thursday's hearing in order to investigate Ramirez's accusations.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who sits on the judiciary committee, said in a Fox News Sunday interview that Ford's testimony was unlikely to change his mind, the Post reports.

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After the new allegations surfaced, Democrats called for a delay in Thursday's hearing.

He suggested that the confirmation process needs to move ahead with the hearing as now scheduled for Thursday with a final committee vote "soon thereafter". In particular, he referenced speaking to a former roommate of Kavanaugh's, who said that Kavanaugh was "frequently drunk", that he "took part in activity" that made the former roommate "unsurprised" by the claim and that he found Ramirez "credible".

Conway said, "I don't think one man's shoulders should bear decades of the #MeToo movement" that has toppled powerful men across industries over the previous year.

Trump endorsed his appointee to the high court bench, calling him "a fine man" with "an unblemished past". They noted that other witnesses are "essential for a fair hearing".

And he said it appears from the New Yorker piece that Democratic operatives in the Senate were aware of one woman's claims but didn't bring them forward.

"What we are witnessing is the total collapse of the traditional confirmation process for a Supreme Court nominee".

The tentative deal capped a day of frenetic developments, with time running out for Trump to get his hand-picked conservative judge confirmed - thereby tilting the Supreme Court firmly to the right for years to come - before November elections when Republicans risk losing control of Congress.

Per Ramirez, she said she can still remember him standing beside her and pulling up his trousers.

Trump says Brett Kavanaugh accusations 'totally political'