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Amazon Alexa-powered microwave hands-on

23 September 2018

At Rs 4,499, Echo Dot comes with a new speaker for crisper sound and an updated fabric design. It will come in new colors and offer better audio quality; the item's price will remain $50.

You expect to hear about new smart speakers, displays and software at an Amazon media event. The Echo Dot is available in three colours - Charcoal, Heather Gray, and Sandstone. It is basically an Echo Dot without the speaker and instead connects to an external speaker system using an auxiliary cable or Bluetooth. Echo Dot and Echo Plus will start shipping next month while Echo Sub will be available later this year.

Echo Plus features a 3-inch Neodymium woofer and increased back volume so that the bass feels stronger and the mids and highs are clearer, claims the company. And it added a "Smart Plug" product to help ease setup of these and other devices, which can be a major pain point for shoppers new to using "smart home" technology.

So what can you actually do with Echo Auto?

This is the first wireless Echo subwoofer for those who want some extra bass while listening to some music. So, when you pair an Echo or Echo Plus together, the Echo Sub will fill out the low end, making your music sound much fuller.

In fact, Amazon is boasting that its new speaker is 70 percent louder than its predecessor. The Echo Input will launch soon.

Well, it retains Bluetooth as well as aux output, which apparently let you hook it up to a bigger speaker (if you have one).

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Two other devices announced at the Amazon event in Seattle are coming to India - Echo Show and Echo Input.

The last device was the Echo Auto, an in-car speaker powered by Alexa, alongside a smart plug. It is sleeker than the Echo Dot at just 12.5mm tall.

The new Echo Wall Clock, $30, connects to an Echo device to provide visual, and even animated, reminders of multiple alarms, reminders and timers.

The Echo Link features RCA in/out, optical in/out, coaxial in/out, subwoofer out, Ethernet and headphone jack and costs $199.99.

More Echos make sense for the company.

"Today, we're excited to expand the number of ways that customers can add Alexa to their homes, so they can use Alexa to make their lives more convenient and easy".

Amazon Alexa-powered microwave hands-on