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OnePlus is working on a smart TV

19 September 2018

OnePlus who is known for its smartphones will foray into the TV market with the goal to create the “Smart TV of the future”.

With that being said, OnePlus TV is not the actual name of OnePlus' first Smart TV.

A built-in camera will also be also play a big part in the OnePlus TV experience, and Lau quells fears of an invasion of home privacy: "we have this in mind, and we will have a solution". One can also expect the TVs to get regular software updates same as that given to OnePlus smartphone users. Could we see a One Plus 8K TV? The company is asking for suggestions from the consumers on what they want/expect from the OnePlus TV.

OnePlus wants to balance high-quality hardware with the latest in technology and craft hardware that carries great design.

Established players such as Samsung, LG and Sony have always been unchallenged in the smart TV business.

OnePlus aims to offer "seamlessly connect the home" which means that the users can connect their OnePlus TV to connect their phones and other devices.

Speaking on the current television offerings, Lau stated in an interview with Business Insider, "At present, we feel the current market of TVs is still feeling quite traditional in their functionality and experience".

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The company is yet to start making its TV and are now asking for suggestions from the consumers. Lau claims that "It (OnePlus TV) won't be something that's ideal and absolutely complete and revolutionary from the start". Have ideas for a name?

Instead, Lau argues that the company has become an expert in the field of "intelligent connectivity", as well as premium design, which makes it well-positioned to move into the hotly contested arena of home entertainment.

There is no confirmation on whether the OnePlus TV will run Android or a different UI. The founder and CEO of the company Pete Lau announced that he will head the smart television division for the company. As of now, the company is calling it the OnePlus TV.

The OnePlus TV is in early stages of its development for now.

This is not the first time OnePlus is doing something like this. Now OnePlus stepping ahead beyond its popular OnePlus smartphones line up.

Pete Lau also shared that it's not going to be an ordinary TV that just plays TV shows or movies.

OnePlus is working on a smart TV