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Tropical storms, depressions and hurricanes quickly forming over Atlantic Ocean

08 September 2018

Hurricane Florence has weakened but will likely grow into a major hurricane as it nears Bermuda, the National Hurricane Center says.

Florence found a bubble of very favorable upper winds and exploded into a Category 4 hurricane yesterday.

According to a recent advisory by the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Florence may be a huge threat to the east coast.

The storm is entirely unlikely to hit oil production or delivery terminals but it may have economic impacts.

However, both the NHC and AccuWeather said experts expect her to gain strength this weekend and become a hurricane again as she moves over much warmer water on what's expected to be a 3,500-mile trip.

The storm, which decreased to a Category 2 hurricane from a Category 4 overnight, moved slightly south since yesterday's predictions, spinning 105 miles per hour winds.

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Florence's forecast track overlaid on a map of current sea surface temperature.

Just because no hurricane on record started where Florence started and hit the United States mainland as major hurricane doesn't mean that it has never happened. Florence, because of its weaker state, has been moving along toward the west. NHC added that the risk of direct impact from the storm along the U.S. East Coast over the next week has increased but there it is is too soon to determine location, magnitude and timing of the impact. At 5 p.m. Friday, winds were at 65 miles per hour, according to NOAA. It eventually would make landfall in southern Florida. Accurate keeping of storm track records is a relatively recent activity, especially when you factor in satellite records. It is expected to strengthen as it moves west towards the East Coast next week.

But the unusually strong high pressure system that is predicted to park itself north of the storm seems like it has the potential to push Florence on an unprecedented and potentially perilous course.

The storm is still undergoing some wind shear, however, it is maintaining its form.

Hubbard said so far this year, the Atlantic season has been fairly average, but it's been busier in the Pacific.

Tropical Storm Helene is in the Far Eastern Atlantic, just off the African Coast.

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Tropical storms, depressions and hurricanes quickly forming over Atlantic Ocean