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Mercedes unveils its first fully-electric SUV

08 September 2018

An affordable Model Y SUV is slated to join Tesla's high-end Model X crossover and Model S auto, but not before 2020-21. It's bad. It's really bad.

According to Germany-based automaker, the EQC's styling, with a low waistline and a rear roof recess, place it between an SUV and SUV-coupe in terms of looks.

"With the EQC ... we are flipping the switch", Mercedes-Benz Cars boss Dieter Zetsche said in a statement.

As standard the EQC comes with a water-cooled onboard charger (ODC) with a capacity of 7.4kW, which is ideal for AC charging at home or at a public charging station.

The interior is quite driver-focused and a lot funkier than the normal Mercedes-Benz style.

As further indicated by the media outlet, it is more than likely that Tesla will be losing the lion share of the market for luxury electric cars as the expected production output of the company's entry-level offering, the Model 3 sedan, won't be able to meet the growing demands worldwide. The Indian-owned British badge's first EV stacks up favourably compared to the EQC with a larger battery providing better performance and slightly longer range.

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Here is the new teaser of the electric Mercedes EQC, which Mercedes-Benz shared on its Instagram and Twitter pages. "So, profitable growth must be part of the picture for electric mobility", he said. "In this way we can continue to ensure both high efficiency and top quality with well-proven production processes". Despite this coaching, the EQC will still offer a range of drive modes, including Sport, like other Mercedes-Benz products.

"Tesla has virtually no competition - but that will change from 2019".

It's been a while coming, but earlier today Mercedes-Benz finally unveiled its first mass-produced electric SUV.

Audi on the other hand have already started production for their e-Tron SUV, which is scheduled to launch in under two weeks on September 17 in San Francisco, just sixty miles from the Tesla factory in Fremont. Audi says its e-Tron can fully recharge (95 kWh) in only 30 minutes on a special 150-kilowatt charging system around which it was designed, meaning it can recover range 69 percent faster than the Mercedes can.

Tesla Model X is the only three-row all-electric SUV in three different battery configurations.

"The planning assumption we have made for the battery electric vehicles, for the calendar year 2025 - so that we can have kind of a stake in the ground so we can do our industrialisation planning on - is a range of between 15 and 25 per cent for fully battery electric vehicles".

Mercedes unveils its first fully-electric SUV