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Huawei announces Mate 20 Lite, coming September 5

02 September 2018

No word on the fully-fledged Mate 20 just yet, but if last year's Mate 10 launch is anything to go by the Mate 20 Lite is the precursor to a larger device that has confirmed for announcement on 16th October. This allows the camera to manipulate the picture contrast to highlight objects in various parts of the photo.

When compared with its predecessor - the Kirin 970 - the Kirin 980 chip delivers a 20% improvement in chip performance and 40% improved power efficiency. It also gets new HDR features, new noise reduction algorithms, better motion tracking, and more. As a result, the chip can be up to 40-percent more energy-efficient or deliver 20-percent better computational performance than the previous solution and should be significantly better than the now used Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810, though it remains to be seen how it fares against their upcoming successors. However, the Kirin 980's actual worth may be defined when it comes up against a Snapdragon counterpart in real-world tests.

For its new processor, Huawei embeds Cortex-A76 cores - another first, according to the company. In tandem with Huawei's Flex-Scheduling technology the Kirin 980 SoC can automatically "designate the high-performance cores to handle immediate, intensive workloads, the high-efficiency cores to provide sustained performance, and ultra-efficiency cores to tackle every day, light activities with extreme power efficiency". The synergy between the Dual NPU results in an image recognition capability that is greater than the sum of two-the Kirin 980 can recognise up to 4,600 images per minute, up 120 per cent compared to Kirin 970. This includes carrier aggregation across frequency bands, allowing users to have the same speeds with their telco of choice. Today Huawei has announced a brand new phone for people to buy. The Cortex A76 is a one of a kind and mark ARM's first crucial step at trying to hit two birds with one stone, or should we say, core.

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A common theme that runs through all of Huawei's latest smartphones is AI, and the Mate 20 Lite is no different with a strong focus on its computer smarts. The idea is, like many less popular smartphone companies, that the Mate 20 Lite offers a premium smartphone experience without any of the annoyingly high pricetags associated with them.

October can't come fast enough.

Huawei announces Mate 20 Lite, coming September 5