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Zimbabwe's Top Court to Rule Friday on Presidential Election Challenge

26 August 2018

After the ruling, the European Union issued a statement saying all parties should accept the verdict, adding that the new government needed to push through electoral reforms after a vote that had "revealed improvements as well as challenges".

Therefore, Mnangagwa's failure to deliver an undisputed poll means that the next five years will be very hard for him and the work has to start today with his inauguration speech.

Thousands are expected to gather at the National Sports Stadium to celebrate his election victory.

Chamisa's comments will do little to ease tension in a country that has been caught up in disputed polls since the MDC contested its first election in 2000. He also declared that the July 30 election was the most transparent and credible the country ever had.

Mnangagwa, who has vowed to revive Zimbabwe's ruined economy, had hoped the elections would draw a line under Mugabe's repressive 37-year rule and open up a stream of foreign investment and aid.

But the court backed lawyers representing Mnangagwa, ZANU-PF and the election commission who rubbished claims that the opposition had produced any substantial evidence of fraud.

Chamisa said "we have the right to peaceful protest" and that other routes will be pursued now that the legal one has reached an end. His treatment drew worldwide concern about a crackdown on the opposition in Zimbabwe. "Your will is sacred & we'll listen to you on the path of peace & course of action to be taken to rescue our lovely Zimbabwe from the jaws of poverty, corruption & dishonesty".

Chamisa had argued in his application that Mnangagwa colluded with Zec to rig the election through ballot staffing, vote buying and manipulation of the result.

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Mnangagwa, 75, said he was "not surprised by the court's decision" and called for unity and peace.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa in a series of tweets says to opposition challenger Nelson Chamisa "my door is open and my arms are outstretched" as he calls for the country to move forward together.

That hopeful note clashed with what NPR's Eyder Peralta saw Friday in Harare, an opposition stronghold.

Zimbabwe's main opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, has refused to accept a court ruling that upheld Emmerson Mnangagwa's victory in last month's presidential elections.

Justice Malaba further said if Chamisa had presented the V11 forms from his election agents, a sample analysis with the residue from sealed ballot boxes would have addressed a number of issues such as double-voting, debunked allegations of over-voting and established accuracies of results and data provided by the electoral commission.

"He won the battle", a supporter told Reuters TV, adding that while Mnangagwa's enemies were trying their best, "they fail".

"I have a legitimate claim that I should lead Zimbabwe", Chamisa told reporters at a news conference in the capital Harare on Saturday.

Under Zimbabwe's laws, a president has to be sworn in within 48 hours of the court's ruling.

Zimbabwe's Top Court to Rule Friday on Presidential Election Challenge