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Wild brawl at nail salon

08 August 2018

The wild scene was captured on cell phone video.

In a video posted to Facebook, Mercy Maduka explained that she was paying a visit to the NY salon when a huge fight broke out over a so-called botched eyebrow. Zheng was charged with assault and weapon possession and was later released following a hearing in Brooklyn Criminal Court, police said. Christina Thomas, the 35-year-old customer, was charged with misdemeanor assault and also released on her own recognizance, the Post reports.

Police say Thomas hit an employee, who then in turn struck the customer with a broom. Police have not confirmed those details.

A protest was held outside the salon on Monday morning.

Demonstrators at the protest carried Black Lives Matter signs and chanted slogans including "Black dollars matter", according to NBC 4. Maduka wrote that "workers f-- up a lady's eyebrow and she refused to pay then a fight broke out".

"Share this cause the cops chose to arrest the black people but not the Chinese people who ganged up on them", Mercy Maduka stated on Facebook. The customer said she paid something, but the store's owner said she refused to pay any of the money she owed. "I said, 'Sit down, let me call the police".

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Zhing was hospitalized with visible injuries to her face and body, and Thomas refused medical attention, according to police.

"We don't need to protest, we need to financially castrate this business".

"You can't treat us like we're second-class citizens", said one protester. "If we go into an establishment to get something done, and then we end up being assaulted, something certainly needs to happen to that establishment".

It shows the salon staff also targeting another customer who is helping her granddaughter to escape the clutches of the staff members and start beating her in the back. "If you pay for a service and you don't like a service, it's a $5 eyebrow". Instead of making a compromise or including a 3rd party (police) to mediate they attacked them.

"Anytime a store does not respect us, we're going to shut it down". Surveillance footage obtained by The New York Daily News and other media outlets begins in the middle of the confrontation, when a woman in a manicurist's smock is already pointing what looks like a broom handle at two black women.

Wild brawl at nail salon