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This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

04 August 2018

The South Korean giant has accidentally posted a video for its upcoming flagship smartphone, alongside the S Pen stylus.

Samsung declined to comment on the leaked video.

Several leaks about the launch date have been published recently, but this is the first one that comes from inside Samsung making the date all but formally confirmed.

In an official promo video on Samsung's YouTube channel, a message stated "meet the new super powerful Note". The brief teaser essentially shows the overall design of the smartphone, something that was already hinted at in the pre-order announcement. However, Samsung will be offering a 512GB storage variant as well, which could perhaps come with 8GB of RAM.

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The video itself shows a 512GB memory card being inserted into the Note9 which would make for a total of 1TB in total storage when combined with the 512GB of onboard space. We can also see that Samsung has indeed moved the fingerprint reader to a spot below the rear cameras rather than putting it to the right of them like on the Note 9. It gives us our best glimpse at the Note 9 so far, and points out a number of big features, including "all day battery" life. In terms of storage, Samsung claims the smartphone to be "1 terabyte ready".

The news is it'll come in a 512GB version as well as 512GB of microSD storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is due to launch on August 9 at a special event in NY, but most specifications about the phone are now seen as a given. While the resolution has not been mentioned on the box, it is likely that the Galaxy Note 9 will have the same 18.5:9 aspect ratio as the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. If so, hopefully Note 9 buyers will get a discount; the PNY card costs $350.

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9