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Kiki challenge may land you in hospital or prison, warns Gujarat Police

02 August 2018

It involves a slow moving auto, with the person jumping out of the vehicle and dancing to the first few lines of Drake's track, "In My Feelings", on road mostly in the middle of traffic. Jaylen Norwood risked his life while doing the viral dance when he got hit by a auto.

It was comedian Shiggy who spread the trend by posting the video on Instagram where he was seen dancing to the song. The Gulf Emirate of Abu Dhabi has now ordered the arrest of three "famous" social media users for taking part in the viral challenge. "Kiki Challenge is not worth the fun.#InMyFeelings Keep Delhi roads safe for all", tweeted Delhi Police.

The Kiki challenge requires the participant to alight from a moving vehicle dance to the song and then climb back into the auto. "Instead, by indulging in banned Kiki dance and uploading the video thereof in social website, she has instigated others to follow suit".

Further, police in Spain have warned drivers against the challenge, saying they could be charged if caught.

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The police also mentioned that people performing the challenge are being watched.

Under the picture of a man with a garland around it was written, "In loving memory of KK - Loving boyfriend of Kiki, died while doing the Shiggy".

Police have also issued warning advisories. This has actually left the police anxious as the trend is turning out to be deadly with people injuring themselves. In one clip a woman's handbag is stolen while attempting the challenge. In Boynton Beach, Florida a young man was hit by vehicle while attempt the In My Feelings challenge, according to WGHP.

Through its official Twitter handle, the Mumbai Police has warned that the Kiki challenge not only endangers those attempting it, but also others.

Kiki challenge may land you in hospital or prison, warns Gujarat Police