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Man harasses woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt, saying it’s ‘un-American’

14 July 2018

On Monday, the Forest Preserve tweeted that it was aware of the June 14 incident at an undisclosed park location and video. "We don't know what was going on outside the video, and we don't know what was going through the officer's mind".

"This is what I'm wearing guys", she says revealing her outfit as a man yells at her in the background.

A park officer is shown initially avoiding responding to the man, despite Irizarry asking for help.

"If you're an American citizen, you should not be wearing that shirt in America", he says at another point.

"Are you a United States citizen?" he asked again, prompting Irizarry to say she is. He asks her if she is an American citizen, to which she responds that she is.

Later she says: "Officer, I feel entirely uncomfortable, can you remove. please officer" as the officer is seen walking away from her.

A Hunter College student from Somers who volunteered to help fix and reconstruct many homes in Puerto Rico decimated by Hurricane Maria shared her experience with News 12.

"Officer, I'm renting, I paid for a permit for this area", she adds. She purchased a permit to rent a picnic area in the park, and arrived wearing a shirt that displayed the Puerto Rican flag.

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Trybus was arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct, according to the Forest Preserves. He'll also be required by law to answer questions posed to him by a commanding officer, Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin said Wednesday. As Mia's video went viral, Forest Preserves informed the public that the officer who failed to protect Mia is under investigation and now on desk duty.

As more police arrive, Irizarry tells them she still doesn't feel safe as the man continues his tirade.

Gov. Ricardo Rossello tweeted about the incident, calling it an "undignified event in which a Puerto Rican woman was brutally harassed by a bigot while an officer did not interfere".

The female officer then interviews Irizzary, who tells her that the first officer on the scene stood "watching the whole thing happen".

Irizzary then begins to talk to her Facebook Live viewers, saying: 'As you can see the police are not even, he's not even grabbing him'.

"We will be looking into this incident as our offices in DC are in contact with local and state authorities, demanding that this officer be expelled from the police force", Rossello said. "He's very distraught and not happy about having to leave employment much sooner than he intended, but because of the strong reaction from the public and political figures, he thought it would be unrealistic to stay as an officer". Now, an investigation has been opened into the incident, where the man-who was visibly drunk-verbally berated the woman and called her shirt un-American.

Luis Arroyo, Jr., a Cook County Board Commissioner said he felt the officer "did not do his duty". From 1917, Puerto Rican residents have been US citizens and have the ability to vote in USA presidential primaries, though not in presidential elections.

Man harasses woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt, saying it’s ‘un-American’