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Saved Thai Soccer Team Can't Accept Invite to Attend World Cup Final

11 July 2018

For the past 10 days, she has been volunteering at the media centre near the cave helping to translate press briefings. "Incredibly strong kids", he said.

"They are getting forced to do something that no kid has ever done before".

There was a global outpouring of relief after it was announced that all 12 of the boys and their coach had been rescued.

The plight of the boys has prompted an outpouring of support from across the footballing world, from Brazil legend Ronaldo to England's John Stones and Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi.

FIFA boss Gianni Infantino had invited the boys' Wild Boars football team to Sunday's World Cup final last week.

The group was first found by British divers Rick Stanton and John Volanthen on July 2, BBC News reported. "It was Mission Possible for Team Thailand". "It's towards only one goal".

Musk, the billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Inc., vowed to help rescue efforts by designing a mini-submarine that could navigate through the cave's tight canals.

At an open-air restaurant in Chiang Rai, a group of men sat around the table and watched the news on a television hanging overhead. Thinking about how they have been kept in a small cave for two weeks, they haven't seen their mums.

Four more of the boys were carried on stretchers out of the labyrinthine Tham Luang cave on the Myanmar border at dusk on Monday, bringing to eight the number brought out after two rescue pushes on successive days. Musk said the submarine is expected to arrive in Thailand around 11 p.m. Monday, local time. The hospital has sent test samples from the boys to a lab in Bangkok.

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Two of the boys are thought to have lung infections, but there are no serious complaints to report.

The rescued were finally carried out on stretchers from the second chamber, wearing surgical masks to ward off germs, and sunglasses due to their new sensitivity to light, the Thai military sources said.

Federation Internationale de Football Association also expressed condolences to the family of a Thai Navy SEAL who died after running out of oxygen during the rescue operation on Friday. They were not allowed to visit the hospital where the boys were taken. So, what's next for the Wild Boar? Some cross the border each day to go to school, a routine that Wassana Saebaew, one of their classmates, knows well.

After their discovery deep in the belly of that cave, divers began to deliver sticky rice and pork in waterproof bags to the four SEALs and the soccer team, according to the sources.

In recent days, the 15-year-old and her classmates have found it increasingly tough to concentrate on their studies and upcoming exams.

They also said counselling would be needed to deal with the psychological trauma of spending so long not knowing whether they were going to survive.

Family members have seen at least some of the boys from behind a glass isolation barrier, and Jedsada said doctors may let the boys walk around their beds Tuesday. His condition was apparently of such concern that medics didn't even wait for police cruisers to escort them to a nearby helipad, the Thai military sources said. "I want to cheer them on, I want to tell them how anxious I've been".

Musk dismissed Mr Narongsak's rebuttal and revealed he had been liaising with Richard Stanton, the leader of the dive rescue team.

Saved Thai Soccer Team Can't Accept Invite to Attend World Cup Final