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Reports Say First Two Boys Brought Out of Cave

09 July 2018

An Australian doctor, a diving expert, gave the final approval on the health of the boys - clearing the way for the rescue. "It was a very smooth operation today", he added.

"Now and in the next three or four days, the conditions are ideal (for evacuation) in terms of the water, the weather and the boys' health", Narongsak told reporters. An update Saturday from the Thai navy said three navy SEALs were with the boys and their coach, one a doctor.

The first four boys who have been stuck in a cave in Thailand for two weeks were heroically rescued on Sunday.

The rescued boys were rushed to hospital on Sunday night.

The entire world has their eyes fixed on the tireless rescue operations that are now underway in Tham Luang cave in Thailand where a junior football team of 12 boys led by a young coach is trapped. Oxygen tanks along the almost 2-mile stretch will be replaced. British divers were first to locate the boys on Monday, July 2. There have been oxygen tanks left along the route to help them complete the long journey. Helicopters and several ambulances were seen departing from the cave area, though there was no official announcement of whom they were carrying. "It's still unsafe but it's much better odds for the remaining kids to come out now because of those initial ones".

"There are two obstacles, which are water and time", Narongsak said. This what we have been racing against since day one.

The prospect of a downpour has been looming over rescuers since the very beginning. They became trapped in the cave, a local tourist spot where similar incidents have taken place in the past, when sudden rainfall flooded its entry on June 23.

"The heaviest rain has yet to come", said CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar. The boys would then walk from Chamber 3 to the mouth of the cave, which has been mostly drained over the last few days of the rescue operation.

The head of the rescue operation, Narongsak Osatanakorn, had earlier told reporters that "Today is D-Day". Musk's small submarines will reportedly be light enough for two divers to carry.

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Numerous boys trapped in the cave with their soccer coach can not even swim, and some are weak and exhausted from malnourishment. An elite Navy SEAL rescue diver has lost his life in the rescue operations. I've told Yod to get ready to take me out for fried chicken.

"Definitely, you can feel it that it has an effect, but we're moving on".

It is not yet known whether the boys swum out, or if they were sedated and delivered by the rescuers.

Thai cave rescue: What happens next?

In neat blue handwriting, 11-year-old Chanin Viboonrungruang, the youngest of the group, told his parents not to worry, and said he was looking forward to eating fried chicken. The other boys have not been identified yet.

"Don't be anxious, I miss everyone".

Wild Boar Academy have spent more than two weeks in the Tham Luang caves after being cut off from the exit during a visit by a sudden downpour.

Duncan Forgan of NBC News reported the rescue operation to free the eight remaining players and their coach is ongoing, while those evacuated from the cave were transported to medical facilities. Incoming monsoon rains could once again flood the cave and deplete oxygen levels. The water level would be zero during December or January, so this situation is absolutely impossible.

Reports Say First Two Boys Brought Out of Cave