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Obama handed 2.5K Iranians citizenship in Iran nuke deal

04 July 2018

The expected to put pressure on allies and other countries in the coming months to divest from Iranian oil exports by November 4, a senior State Department official said last week.

Swiss President Alain Berset and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani talk before delivering a statement after a two day visit in Bern, Switzerland, July 3, 2018.

President Donald Trump has since pulled out of the carefully negotiated deal which he branded the 'worst deal ever'.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) Research Fellow Saeed Ghasseminejad - whose research institute is based in Washington, D.C. - says a good proportion of Iranians are appalled that people from their country have stooped to set foot in America, which the regime often refers to as the "Great Satan".

"They want Iran's oil not to be sold, which is impossible and such measures are taken in line with a psychological war".

-Iranian citizens that the Trump administration is trying to free.

"The stakes are huge", said Richard Goldberg, who was lead Senate Republican negotiator for several rounds of Congressionally enacted sanctions that helped pressure Iran into curbing their nuclear program.

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The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the July 2015 accord that capped Iran's most sensitive nuclear work in return for the lifting of many sanctions, was plunged into crisis by Trump's May 8 decision to exit even as global inspectors continued to verify Rouhani's government was living up to its side of the bargain. Iran has asked the European countries to come up with a new economic package to offset the USA sanctions and preserve the accord.

Trump also said he would reinstate U.S. nuclear sanctions on Iran and impose "the highest level" of economic bans on the Islamic Republic. "The regime officials chant 'death to America, ' but send their children to the US, away from the hell they have created in Iran over the past four decades".

"Iranians don't understand why the US government allows the offspring of the regime officials to live in the USA, while the USA has introduced a travel ban for ordinary Iranian citizens, and many Americans are imprisoned in Iran", Ghasseminejad added. Part of that dialogue included the observation that the US has threatened stop Iran from exporting its oil. "That is why many Iranians on social media have been urging the US government to deport the children of the regime officials".

Already French companies Total and Peugeot, for example, have said they will pull out of Iran rather than risk being shut out of the United States. financial system, as Washington threatens to use the dollar's reserve currency status to punish anyone who gets in the way of its ramped-up Iran policy.

Three days of protests broke out on June 24 in Tehran's Grand Bazaar, with hundreds of angry shopkeepers denouncing a sharp fall in the value of the Iranian currency. Zolnour is a hard-liner, and was using the claim as a cudgel against his more moderate foes in Tehran.

The period since the Iran deal came into force has not seen a significant recovery in either exports or imports. He said US teams of State Department and Treasury officials had visited 13 countries in Europe and East Asia so far, to dissuade governments and companies from doing business with Iran. He also didn't approve of Iran's ongoing relationship with Bashar al-Assad in Syria and terrorist groups like Hezbollah - although that was never prohibited under the original deal. The Iran deal negotiations started in 2013, and the pact was signed in 2015.

Obama handed 2.5K Iranians citizenship in Iran nuke deal