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Apple to release new AirPods, HomePod, over-ear headphones in 2019?

28 June 2018

Each of the items could hit the shelves by 2019.

According to Bloomberg's sources, the Cupertino-based tech giant is looking to produce AirPods that have noise-canceling properties, as well as water resistance. As for this year, the company will reportedly be updating the earphones with a new chip and support for hands-free Siri activation. On top of those features, the upcoming AirPods will also likely come with biometric sensors as part of Apple's broader effort to grow its health-related hardware products. Bloomberg's report offers up nearly no information, saying only that a refresh is in the works and that Apple may move away from Inventec for production. We don't know much about these, but Bloomberg's sources say that they'll be Apple-branded.

Apple will also reportedly soon launch its own set of over-the-ear headphones.

They're surprisingly good at staying put within your ear, and the battery life is commendable.

While the higher price of the iPhone X has helped Apple reinvigorate iPhone sales, the company's "Other Products" segment has been its fastest-growing hardware category in recent months.

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They're not ideal, but for a first generation product, they're pretty good. However, users won't be able to swim wearing them.

While this does fill in a few gaps in the Apple/Beats lineup of headphones, this is a roll of the dice for Apple. These were supposed to come out later this year, but they ran into issues and the release was pushed back to early next year. These high-end headphones could be sold under the Apple brand, instead of the Beats brand that Apple bought in 2014 for $US3 billion.

After it was suggested the headphones would launch in late 2018, after facing "development challenges" Apple is expected to unveil new over-ear headphones as a "higher-end alternative to the company's Beats line,".

The HomePod, another product that was plagued with delays, is also expected to get a refresh. What direction Apple will take with the HomePod 2 is yet to be determined.

The Bloomberg report also references "a new version of the HomePod for as early as [2019]", though it doesn't specify what Apple is thinking of adding to the speaker. Unfortunately, there are no details about what features it might boast.

Apple to release new AirPods, HomePod, over-ear headphones in 2019?