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Trump calls for deporting illegal immigrants with 'no judges or court cases'

25 June 2018

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 24, 2018.Our Immigration policy, laughed at all over the world, is very unfair to all of those people who have gone through the system legally and are waiting on line for years! Trump said during a round-table discussion in May.

Last week, Trump reversed a policy of separating families entering the US illegally at the border with Mexico. "We say, you know, they want to hire 5,000 more judges so that a person puts the toe in the land we have to go to trial", Trump said in Las Vegas.

"Cannot accept all of the people trying to break into our Country.

He wants people to just be sent back, no matter what", said Jorge Baron, executive director for the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, who compared Sunday's tweets with comments Trump was reported to have made in January about immigrants from "shithole" countries. No Democrats voted for the bill, while 41 Republican voted "yes". "This humanitarian disaster that occurred at the border, with these children being torn away from their parents, I think he's got his fingerprints on it", Mr. Coffman said in an interview.

But despite issuing his executive order, Trump has maintained that his "zero tolerance" policy, introduced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April, will remain.

The separation was so their parents could be detained and prosecuted, which is a process that normally takes a few months. "And a rational way is not locking children up in detention centers or separating them from their mothers".

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He has criticized immigration judges for weeks, saying they were not effective in stopping the flow of people coming into the country, sometimes using incorrect numbers to make his point.

Under expedited removal proceedings, which are used most commonly at ports of entry, an immigration official can evaluate an immigrant's claim and reject it with no involvement by an immigration judge or review board.

As he hits the road to support Republican candidates in November's mid-term elections, the president has returned to a signature issue that powered his 2016 campaign for the White House.

There is an exception from expedited removal for those with a credible fear of returning home.

"It's already an extremely truncated process", the ACLU's Gelernt said.

"What President Trump has suggested here is both illegal and unconstitutional. There are already people being removed with a truncated process".