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Supreme Court's Wayfair tax decision sidelines Quill

22 June 2018

Nonetheless, the ruling is a big win for brick-and-mortar retailers, who have railed for years against the unfair advantage given to internet retailers by avoiding sales tax.

IN lawmakers anticipated the ruling in 2017 when they passed a law that imposed sales tax on companies that did at least $100,000 worth of business or more than 200 separate transactions in the state in a year.

"It certainly clears up any confusion, clears up some of the rhetoric", said Rep. Jay Kaufman, D-Lexington, chairman of the Committee on Revenue. The decision reverses a 1992 Supreme Court ruling in Quill vs. This ruling is likely to lead other states to start requiring sales tax from online retailers, which in turn will be required from the consumer at checkout.

IL consumers will likely see sales tax charged on more online purchases after the Supreme Court loosened restrictions on states' ability to require retailers to charge the tax.

"Retailers have been waiting for this day for more than two decades", said NRF's president and CEO, Matthew Shay. Few people actually comply.

In a close decision, the Supreme Court on Thursday determined that states can force internet retailers to collect sales taxes from shoppers even in states where they have no physical presence, handing traditional retailers and state governments a major victory.

The Supreme Court just voted to close a loophole that has seen American consumers dodge billions in sales tax on online orders since 1992.

That means New Yorkers will have to add the tax on more than half of all Amazon purchases that are now tax-free.

MA law was similar to laws in several other states. While retailers were not required to collect sales tax, that tax was technically still owed.

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Internet companies opposed to the South Dakota law appealed.

IL consumers are supposed to pay use tax to the state if sales tax isn't charged on a purchase, but experts say underreporting is an issue.

Attorneys for Crutchfield Corporation could not immediately be reached.

The Florida Retail Federation, which has long tried without success to get the Legislature to address the issue, hailed Thursday's decision.

The court decision could also be important in Florida because of the state's heavy reliance on sales-tax revenue.

Kaufman said he does not anticipate any legislative action either.

Without that, there's theoretically nothing stopping a state from copying South Dakota's laws and insisting that all online retailers above a certain size collect sales tax. This ruling could give it a boost as competing online stores are forced to raise prices at checkout. The Retailers Association of MA called the ruling a big win for businesses.

The group described the decision as a "body blow" to customers and small online businesses. He argued that the court should not regulate e-commerce.

Amazon, by far the nation's largest online seller, is not a party to the case, since it now has a physical presence in many states, with warehouses, and pays the taxes.

Supreme Court's Wayfair tax decision sidelines Quill