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Google Launches Podcast Listening App on Android

21 June 2018

Google recommends users connect to Wi-Fi while using the web client, but it should still work even when using mobile data.

Users who log into Android Messages on desktop will now be able to send and view SMS messages received on their Android smartphone using a PC. This means you can continue playing a podcast you had on your phone on your Google Home when you get home, or vice-versa when you leave. Text, images, and stickers will be supported in the web version of the service. Google had plans to roll out something like Apple iMessage on Android to compete with it. According to a recent blog post by Google, there are number of other advancements being made into the Android Messages app, which includes GIF search, smart replies, link previews, and easy copy/paste for two-factor authentication messages.

Google will be introducing Messages for web and this is one of the most wanted features.

Open Messages on your Android phone. Bingo, you can now text! On the landing page, you will see a QR code which can be scanned by clicking on the new "Messages for Web" menu on your Android phone. But messaging, of course, is a must-have - and users may be making picks among the various services that are hard if not impossible to shake.

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Google announced past year it is working with the mobile industry to bring SMS into the modern day, through a universal standard called RCS (Rich Communications Services). Also, if you don't use your Messages account for 14 days, you will automatically be signed out.

Users can now search within the messaging app to find the flawless reaction to their friends' news.

And if you're too busy to respond by typing out a text yourself, smart replies will give you a few quick, AI-generated responses based on what Google thinks you might say. From the left, you can tap New conversations to search for a contact and start a new message thread with them. Finally, there's also the option to copy verifications passwords directly from messages into the secure websites you're trying to access. If you work on a desktop or laptop computer a lot, you can soon send and receive messages without looking at your phone.

Google Launches Podcast Listening App on Android