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N.Korea TV summit broadcast hails Kim as 'world leader'

15 June 2018

North Korean state media reported on Wednesday that the two leaders had recognised the principle of "step-by-step and simultaneous action" towards that goal, saying the U.S. president had evoked "as progress is made from dialogue and negotiations, lifting sanctions against DPRK (North Korea)".

On Tuesday, following their historic Singapore meeting, Trump and Kim issued a joint statement that reaffirmed the North's commitment to "work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" and gave USA guarantees of security to North Korea.

Pompeo underscored that the agreement signed on Tuesday by Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un includes verifiable and irreversible denuclearization.

Trump and Kim held the unprecedented meeting in Singapore, after which they signed a joint document praised by both leaders.

"Under the circumstances that we're negotiating a very comprehensive complete deal I think it's inappropriate to have war games", Trump said during a press conference in Singapore earlier this week. On Thursday, North Koreans finally got a glimpse of video of Trump and Kim together, as official Korean Central Television broadcast the first footage of Kim's trip to Singapore.

The official KCNA news agency ran a glowing dispatch, describing it as an "epoch-making meeting" that would help foster "a radical switchover in the most hostile (North Korea)-US relations".

The report from the Israeli foreign ministry also raised questions about Trump's decision to suspend joint military drills with South Korea after his meeting with Kim.

Putin added that Russian Federation is ready to "make all necessary efforts to establish ties, including in economic cooperation" with North Korea.

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But details on what form those promises would take were sparse, with critics noting the lack of a timeline for when North Korea will begin dismantling its nuclear programme.

Pompeo said he doesn't know the exact timing.

Putin also welcomed the contacts between the leaders of North and South Korea. Measures like the destruction of testing sites in North Korea, if monitored by United States and global experts, could build the kind of trust needed to carry out earnest denuclearization.

Democrats are heaping scorn on Trump's tweet that "There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea".

Trump obviously didn't get the memo that US presidents salute USA military service members, although they aren't required to, but don't generally salute foreign military members.

However, Harris, the former commander of USA forces in the Pacific, endorsed Trump's plan to pause major military exercises with the South, saying the in a "dramatically different place" from where it was a year ago.

The authoritarian regime in North Korea has long sought an audience with a U.S. President.

Tokyo is working on arranging a meeting between the prime minister, Shinzo Abe, and Kim, with one possibility being an Abe visit to Pyongyang around August, the Yomiuri newspaper reported. That is not going to happen. In exchange, the United States pledged to make unspecified "security guarantees" and stop joint military exercises with South Korea.

N.Korea TV summit broadcast hails Kim as 'world leader'