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Domino's new promotion offers to fill city's potholes

13 June 2018

There was nothing particularly remarkable about the job, except for the logo painted on the side of the equipment, on the cones used to stop traffic and even spray-painted on the freshly laid asphalt: Domino's Pizza.

Domino's is fixing potholes in USA cities in an effort to give its pizzas a smoother ride in delivery vehicles. Domino's says this will help them ensure the "integrity of pizza remains in tact".

Potholes are causing massive pizza disruption problems in the United States of America, so Domino's has made a decision to do something about it.

"We don't want to lose any great-tasting pizza to a pothole, ruining a wonderful meal", Domino's U.S. president Russell Weiner said in a news release.

Help save more pizzas!

It also shows how Domino's has worked in the past to help towns fix their roads. They believe bad roads shouldn't happen to good pizza!

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The 40 potholes that were repaired stretched across 10 different roads.

The company is launching a new campaign to make sure your pizza makes it to your doorstep in ideal condition. The pizza chain has more than 14,800 stores in more than 85 markets.

The fast food chain has already repaired roads in Burbank, California, Athens, Georgia, Milford, Delaware and Bartonville, Texas.

What's your take on Domino's commitment?

"Facing an already harsher winter than usual for DE, this is an opportunity to get additional money to stretch our city's limited resources", said Eric Norenberg, city manager of the town, on the website.

Domino's new promotion offers to fill city's potholes