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Facebook Scandal Not Isolated Case, U.K. Privacy Chief Warns

06 June 2018

"Sure looks like Zuckerberg lied to Congress about whether users have "complete control" over who sees our data on Facebook", Cicilline wrote on Twitter.

Facebook allowed Apple Inc and other device makers to have "deep" access to users' personal data without their consent, according to the Times.

Facebook shared the data of users and their friends with scores of mobile phone manufacturers without explicit consent, it has emerged. "Facebook's view that the device makers are not outsiders lets the partners go even further, The Times found: They can obtain data about a user's Facebook friends, even those who have denied Facebook permission to share information with any third parties".

The report comes in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, sparking calls from lawmakers across the world to investigate the company's practices related to its users' privacy.

Facebook has also said that the kind of access to users' data that Cambridge Analytica exploited in 2014 was cut off in 2015, when Facebook shut down its API for giving friends' data to apps.

It's Facebook that you should be anxious about abusing your personal data - not Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or Samsung. Warner (D-Va.) on Monday stem from revelations that Facebook struck special data arrangements with roughly 60 device makers including Apple, HTC and Samsung over the past decade, possibly without Facebook users' knowledge.

Facebook still has not answered hundreds of written questions submitted from members of Congress after Zuckerberg's testimony in April, according to congressional staff.

Contrary to reporting in The Times, Archibong also insists the information of users' Facebook friends was only accessible on devices when users made a decision to share their information with such friends.

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If we've learned anything from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, its that our personal Facebook data has some real value.

The problem in this case is that Facebook has exempted these manufacturers from its new policy of preventing third party access to user data.

Facebook is disputing a New York Times report about how it shares data with device makers from Apple and Amazon to Samsung.

The agreements that Facebook entered raise "concerns about the company's privacy protections and compliance with a 2011 consent decree" with the Federal Trade Commission, the report said.

Kogan developed an app that required people to sign in using their Facebook accounts - and that then harvested data about those users and their friends, that was then used by Cambridge Analytica to develop psychological profiles of USA voters ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

The opprobrium over Facebook's data privacy practices continues. The company claims that these private APIs were "tightly controlled" in a statement posted on the Facebook newsroom.

The agreements required the third-party companies to use the information only for the intended objective of integrating features into users' devices, Facebook says.

Facebook said it granted smartphone access to this data well before mobile apps became popular, as a way of making its service work on a broad range of devices. User would log into their Facebook accounts, allowing the phone software to pull in data from Facebook itself.

Facebook Scandal Not Isolated Case, U.K. Privacy Chief Warns