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Fallout 76 Announced by Bethesda Softworks

31 May 2018

Vault 76 has a decent amount of lore behind it based on mentions in Fallout 3, it's Mothership Zeta DLC and in Fallout 4. But the vault is silent and there is no one, save one person in a Vault 76 jumpsuit complete with a Pip-Boy and the ending statement, "In Vault 76, our future begins". The idea of a Rust style game suggests a survival game built around the first Vault dwellers to emerge, fighting for resources to built a new world. The Autin team is formerly Battlecry Studios. The year shown is 2102, which puts the events of Fallout 76 just 25 years after the Great War - that is by far the earliest in the series' timeline that a Fallout game has ever taken place. While we are excited for a new addition to the Fallout universe, this seems like a glorified and more developed Fallout Shelter. Based on the Fallout wiki, Vault 76 is one of the 17 control Vaults used as a baseline to compare to experimental vaults.

Bethesda is hosting its own press conference during E3, on June 10 in Los Angeles, where more information about any new Fallout game is likely to be discussed. While we assume Fallout 76 is a new role-playing experience, Bethesda is yet to even confirm a genre - let alone its launch window. And then, of course, there are jokes that it will be a 76-player battle royale game because it's 2018 and why not? To put it simply, we want to see exactly the type of game Fallout 76 will be. My guess is that this is an expansion of Fallout 4's settlements system, to the point of not just building towns but entire working cities. According to the Fallout Wiki, Vault 76 is "a "control" vault, with 500 occupants".

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Update: According to Kotaku's Jason Schreier, the game will reportedly feature online elements and won't be strictly a single player RPG.

What do we know about the game?

Bethesda's made strides in supporting the Switch with ports of Skyrim, Wolfenstein, and DOOM, but a port of Fallout 76 for Nintendo's hybrid console wasn't confirmed with today's announcement. Because of this, we'd want to see Bethesda devote as much time as possible revealing what's to come with Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 Announced by Bethesda Softworks