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Israeli forces kill three Palestinian militants in strike on observation post

28 May 2018

Meanwhile, Israel has started building an ocean barrier to prevent Palestinians leaving Gaza by sea, the Defence Ministry said on Sunday.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip will try to breach Israel's blockade by boat this week in a fresh challenge to Israeli forces following weeks of deadly protests and clashes, organizers said Sunday. "No injuries to the IDF soldiers were reported", the statement added.

The Gazan health ministry identified those killed as Hussein al-Amour, 25, and Abdul Haleem al-Naqa, 28.

Israel has fought three wars with Hamas since the Islamist militant group took control of Gaza in 2007 following Palestinian elections.

According to the Islamic Jihad group, two men were part of their armed wing, called the al-Quds Brigades.

Israel's military confirmed that it targeted an observation post, calling the attack retaliation for a bomb that had been placed next to the border fence overnight.

Separately on Saturday night, Israeli aircraft struck two targets belonging to Hamas, but there were no reports of casualties.

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The military also said the air strike was payback for "continued attempts to sabotage security infrastructure, during the riots constantly led by the Hamas terror organization".

The naval commandos brought with them automatic weapons, explosives and fragmentation grenades but at the time, the Israel Defence Forces succeeded in stopping the attack.

A relative of a Palestinian who was killed at the Israel-Gaza border reacts at a hospital, in the southern Gaza Strip May 6, 2018.

On May 14 - the bloodiest day of the conflict coinciding with the US's highly-contested embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem - at least 60 Palestinians were killed by IDF live fire.

No Israelis have been killed during that time.

In February, a senior navy officer warned that Hamas was increasingly turning to the sea to carry out attacks against Israeli troops and civilians.

The Gaza Strip will set off a flotilla of ships on Tuesday in a bid to break the 12-year-long Israeli blockade on the Palestinian territory.

Israeli forces kill three Palestinian militants in strike on observation post