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Kilauea volcano glow captured on time-lapse camera

24 May 2018

This photo from video from the U.S. Geological Survey shows blue burning flames of methane gas erupting through cracks on Kahukai Street in the Leilani Estates neighborhood of Pahoa on the island of Hawaii during the overnight hours of Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

The eruption of Kilauea Volcano has caused hellish scenes across Hawaii as raging rivers of lava spread across the island.

A fine layer of brownish-gray ash coated vehicles and other surfaces, and an ash plume rising from the volcano summit was visible in the distance through the hazy air.

Lava from an active fissure nearby had flowed onto the property early this week, posing the risk of toxic gases being released in the event molten rock encroached into any of several pressurized deep-underground wells.

One potential hazard that appeared to have been brought under control was at the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) plant, which provides about a quarter of the Big Island's electricity.

The governor said "as of today, 10 of 11 wells are quenched and are stable, and 11th well is plugged and the pressure in the well has diminished to the point that we believe it's stable", Ige said.

US Surgeon General to Visit Medical Center Thursday
The United States surgeon general answered a call for help aboard a flight to Atlanta this week, he said. It was not immediately clear what situation Adams was referring to and what happened on the flight.

The facility also received a respite from Mother Nature.

Clinton says he was on the roof of a home, helping to put out fires caused by flying rocks, when an explosion a couple hundred yards away launched a lava bomb that hit him above the ankle.

To make matters worse, there's the laze that forms when the 2,000-degree lava hits the cooler sea water, releasing a cloud of hydrochloric acid steam.

Hawaii County has ordered about 2,000 people to evacuate from Leilani Estates and surrounding neighbourhoods since the eruption began on May 3.

The latest explosive eruption yesterday at 9.59pm local time sent plumes of smoke nearly 9,000 feet into the air.

A Hawaii island man injured by what officials called a lava bomb spoke from his hospital bed Tuesday. The gas flows through the ground and up through existing cracks. The Hawaii National Guard has warned of more mandatory evacuations if more highways are blocked.

Kilauea volcano glow captured on time-lapse camera