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CIA Director's Confirmation in Doubt as Sen. McCain Cites "Disturbing" Torture Role

14 May 2018

Sen. Rand Paul is criticizing Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump's pick to head the CIA, for not declassifying her role in the agency's "extreme rendition and torture-by-proxy", arguing that the lack of candor disqualified her from the role. "I think she's done a great job in terms of the career she's built, and the people I know at the agency are very enthusiastic about having one of their own, so to speak, in the driver's seat at the CIA".

Opponents of Haspel's confirmation also cited an order given in her name directing Central Intelligence Agency agents to destroy tapes of interrogation sessions at so-called "black sites", secretive prisons for terror suspects.

Haspel, currently the CIA's deputy director, would replace Mike Pompeo, who is now Secretary of State.

Sanders was pressed on CNN's "State of the Union" over his 2013 vote to confirm former CIA Director John BrennanJohn Owen BrennanDonnelly announces support for Trump's CIA pick Gina Haspel Senate panel invites Comey, former officials to briefing in Russian Federation probe Another battle between politics and common sense MORE, who, like Haspel, has ties to a George W. Bush-era program that used methods that are now widely considered torture.

The announcement puts Donnelly at odds with Democrats, who oppose Haspel, and may improve her chances of being confirmed by the Senate.

In a statement, Donnelly said that he had a "tough, frank, and extensive conversation" with Haspel regarding her vision for the agency, and that she had learned from "mistakes of the past". "I have also reviewed her record and testimony before Congress".

Donnelly voiced his support for Haspel on Twitter Saturday morning, saying he believes Haspel learned from the past and has the experience needed as the US faces "dynamic and challenging security threats".

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Repeatedly asked by the California senator Kamala Harris for a yes or no answer on whether torture was immoral, she declined to say either way.

Haspel was a wily witness at her confirmation hearing.

Now, suppose, which was true, there wasn't just one child, but thousands of Americans of all ages, who could be saved with enhanced interrogation? Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia - who also is up for reelection in a state that went for Trump - announced earlier this week that he would support Haspel's nomination. At this point the captain said we were getting the hell out of there, so I have no idea what happened. Because he is undergoing treatment for brain cancer, McCain is not expected to be in Washington for the final vote. Before she arrived, a high-value al-Qaida member was tortured extensively at the black site, by waterboarding and other methods.

Republicans hold a slim 51-49 majority, and Sen.

With two Democrats now backing her nomination-the first to do so was Sen.

"Given the nature of CIA's mission, most of her achievements can not be shared publicly", her supporters wrote.

CIA Director's Confirmation in Doubt as Sen. McCain Cites