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Woman arrested for stalking sent man 65k text messages

11 May 2018

After going on a date with a man she met online, Ades sent him more than 65,000 text messages, some of which threatened violence, reports.

Jacqueline Ades, 31, of Phoenix, was arrested on charges of threatening, stalking and harassment after allegedly sending thousands of messages - including one stating she wanted to bathe in his blood.

Last month, the man called police after surveillance footage from his home showed Ades taking a bath in his tub while he was away on a trip. Police also found a large knife on the passenger seat of her auto during the arrest.

When she was released, the man told police the threatening text messages continued. She is being held without bond.

Jacqueline Ades allegedly sent a man 65,000 texts over the course of several months, sometimes up to 500 texts per day, according to court documents obtained by local station ABC 15.

Father-son duo held for duping exporter
He also found out that the so-called scientists were also a part of the plan and were working with the fraudsters for Rs 20,000. The businessman went to the police with a complaint and the duo was arrested and have not given any statement.

The man reported Ades to police twice past year after she parked outside his residence and kept texting him, FOX10 Phoenix reported.

"U do whatever u have to do to get here...but don't ever try to leave me... I'll kill you. I don't want to be a murderer", "I'm like Hitler. man was a genius".

According to police, the victim stated he originally met the suspect through an online dating website and went on one date with her.

"Defendant stated that she sent the threatening text messages to victim because she was scared that he called the police on her", the police report states. Cops arrived and told her to leave.

In July 2017, she was reportedly found trespassing on his property after he stated he didn't want to speak with her. The man said that numerous messages were threatening, including multiple death threats, and he wanted to press charges. She said that she "knew her statements were insane and that she would return to Florida when released", the report alleges.

Woman arrested for stalking sent man 65k text messages