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Excavation resumes for remains of missing girls

11 May 2018

Ream was convicted of first-degree murder in her slaying and sentenced to life in prison. "Kimberly King and other young female victims who were murdered are buried here".

"Yes, they do. They want to give her the proper burial that you gave your son".

This scenario ended the life of Ream's only known victim. He "was on the way to meet her and arrived 20 minutes later and had not crossed paths with her", the database said.

Cindy once told her mother that she could trust Scott's father, and it would be safe for her to be in his auto.

It is not clear if Ream has an attorney, but he faces no charges related to the missing girls. "He came to the house and he was like 'Where's Nadine?' She wasn't there and that is how it all started". O'Dell, who was walking to her boyfriend's home in Taylor to babysit and never made it on August 16, 1974; and Cynthia Coon, who vanished on April 1, 1970 while walking to school in Ann Arbor. It was the case of missing teen Cindy Zarzycki, and McLaughlin was told to solve it. He added that bringing closure to King's family - as well as the multiple other families that could be involved, too - is what's key.

Ream, 69, is serving a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole in the murder of the 13-year-old. Even though other detectives were suspicious of Ream, they continued to treat Cindy's case as that of a runaway, because a body was never found.

Ream has not been cooperative with police, Dwyer said. He died in 1994.

"It's been driving me insane for 22 years", Ream says. In an undercover video from Detroit station WDIV, Ream described where and how he buried Cindy's body. He drew a map of land in Macomb Township, Michigan that was owned by some friends.

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"About four feet", Ream answered. McLaughlin saw a purse, human leg bone, and some shoes that belonged to Cindy Zarzycki. Kimberly Alice King went missing in 1979, and her sister told CNN affiliate WXYZ that it's been "almost 39 years of agony" for the family.

On Wednesday, Cindy's father, Ed Zarzycki, returned to the site where his daughter was found 10 years ago. For the Zarzyckis, the waiting was over.

But the story did not end there.

Police said they were led to the area after spending months interviewing convicted killer, Arthur Ream.

"Police are very confident that they will find something today so I am trying to hold on to that hope".

Officials haven't publicly identified all of the victims they believe may be buried there, but Dwyer confirmed Wednesday 17-year-old Kellie Brownlee, who vanished from a Novi mall in 1982, and 15-year-old Kim Larrow, who disappeared from Canton Township in 1981, may be among them.

Dwyer was joined by Warren Mayor Jim Fouts, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and close family and friends of Kimberly King, a 12-year-old girl who went missing in 1979 and whose body is believed to be at the search site.

Knowing that would bring a small measure of peace to the family members who have waited in vain for any news -good or bad- of the girls.

Excavation resumes for remains of missing girls