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Dam Bursts In Kenya Causing 'Huge Destruction', Deaths, Says Official

10 May 2018

A dam has burst in a Kenyan town after heavy rain, causing "huge destruction" and deaths, a government official says.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui said Nakuru County was working closely with KRCS as well as the security agencies to coordinate rescue missions. Officials said the dam water and mud spewed out of the reservoir and submerged homes over a radius of almost 2 kilometers (1.2 miles).

The Kenya Red Cross (KRC) and the government have mounted a joint rescue operation in the area amid fears that that many may be trapped in the mud, including children.

"We have recovered 38 bodies and many people are missing".

The mega dam is one of the three water reservoirs owned by a large-scale irrigation farmer, Mr Mansukul Patel, who was not around at the time of the tragedy.

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The local people are now concerned about the condition of the other two dams, which are also reportedly full.

The disaster comes after weeks of heavy rain.

Witnesses say they heard a loud bang before the waves swept through almost 2km (1.2 miles) of private farmland where many live and work. The flood waters have destroyed an area of farmland larger than New York City, displaced over 260,000 people and drowned around 6,000 livestock. Military helicopters have been deployed to assist with relief efforts.

Its walls reportedly caved in because of high volume of water following heavy rains in recent months.

The wet weather has contributed to an ongoing cholera outbreak in Kenya, and an increasing number of chikungunya virus cases-spread by mosquitoes-are also being reported.

Dam Bursts In Kenya Causing 'Huge Destruction', Deaths, Says Official