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Donald Glover Introduces Lando and Jams with Max Rebo on SNL

08 May 2018

As Glover was hosting the show, he simultaneously released a mind-blowing video for "This is America", one of the new tracks he performed on the show as Childish Gambino. Theories about what it all means have started stacking up.

"This is America" is the most powerful and pointed reality check in the form of a music video, since Kendrick Lamar - standing upon a graffiti-covered police auto with a threadbare American flag waving in the background - so beautifully articulated in his seminal 2015 album, To Pimp a Butterfly, the preeminent protest song of our generation - "Alright". The visual, which takes aim at the country's ongoing issue with gun violence, begins with a man picking up a guitar before playing it while sitting on a chair.

The powerful song, a commentary on gun violence in America, is Donald Glover's first single since 2017's Terrified, off his Grammy-nominated 2016 album Awaken, My Love! .

Donald Glover had quite the weekend.

What else would one expect to see in a music video by a famous rapper titled "This is America"?

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The imagery also has sparked conversation about several other themes including police brutality, social media and what people are really paying attention to in the United States.

In the middle of their glossy video, the rap trio are sitting in a therapy session with Dr. Angela Anderson, played by Cicely Strong.

"This is America" premiered after Glover hosted the parody show Saturday Night Live on May 5.

On Sunday, the singer Instagrammed some photos of herself on set.

Before Glover charmed America with his monologue, the stars came out for a Trump-verse cold open filled with great guest appearances.

Donald Glover Introduces Lando and Jams with Max Rebo on SNL