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Golden State Killer suspect fights DNA collection effort

04 May 2018

DeAngelo, a former police officer, Vietnam veteran and a mechanic, was a reclusive neighbor in Citrus Heights, a town about 16 miles northeast of the California capital, according to residents.

Results from the advanced DNA analysis, which previously had not been available in the case, are expected to be returned as early as the next few weeks.

Hays says, "Somehow the fact that law enforcement used that without any legal search warrant door court ordered to do it makes people say well wait a minute wait a minute that's like violating our fourth amendment rights".

DeAngelo, in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffed to a wheelchair, appeared alongside Howard.

DeAngelo was arrested final week and recognized because the suspect in no less than a dozen murders and greater than 50 rapes between 1976 and 1986. And, after news broke that the capture of the alleged Golden State Killer was made possible by genetic information found on the internet, NIH Director Francis Collins wants participants to know their data will be carefully shielded.

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The Zodiac Killer operated throughout Northern California in the late 1960s, with police definitively linking him to five murders.

The Vallejo police became the lead investigators because the first two victims were killed there. The letters he sent to local newspapers to boast about his work and taunt investigators became legendary, complete with ciphers that he claimed would reveal his identity if solved.

"They can't try every case or the case would go on for years", attorney Ken LaMance told the San Francisco Chronicle. "The database gets larger and larger every year, and technology improves, so there is always a possibility of something coming up".

One of those amateur sleuths, Tom Voigt, said the key to solving the Zodiac killings is mimicking the Golden State Killer investigation, which included forming a full-time task force dedicated to the case and exploiting publicly accessible DNA databases.

"There's a formula to follow", Voigt said.

Golden State Killer suspect fights DNA collection effort