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Lion Mauls Owner of South African Wildlife Park

02 May 2018

The man, understood to be a British citizen, was attacked inside a lion enclosure at an animal sanctuary in Limpopo, South Africa.

Mike is recuperating in the hospital having sustained injuries to his neck and jaw, according to South African police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.

A friend of Mr Hodge told The Sun the sanctuary owner entered the lion compound to investigate a odd smell.

Pictured Mike Hodge as he is being mauled by a male lion at the big cat sanctuary.

The big cat's victim calls out for help in front of screaming bystanders before a number of gunshots can be heard to ring out.

The lion drags a limp Hodge towards some bushes as other park visitors scream for help. The lion drops Mr Hodge and runs for cover.

It has become a routine of a sort to step inside animals' enclosure, a mistake that could have proven fatal for Briton owner of Marakele Predator Park in South Africa.

Mr Hodge, who founded the sanctuary in South Africa's Limpopo region with his wife Chrissy and her daughter Emma in 2010, was reportedly investigating a odd smell that had been upsetting the lion.

Guests can stay in safari tents and each night they "will be able to hear the lions roar, hyenas laugh, and jackals calling".

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The lion then releases Hodge from his grip and runs away.

One viewer questioned why he had ventured so close to the big cat.

Another commented on how the lion was just acting according to its animal instinct.

Told the commentator, 'So sad that the lion is only doing what comes naturally to him.

"Set him free, where he deserves to be".

Added another commentator, 'We have no right to lock up any animal!

Shamba was killed after the attack, a family friend, Bernadette Maguire, told The Telegraph.

While another posited, 'Hopefully everyone boycotts this place, the lion should not have been put down'.

Lion Mauls Owner of South African Wildlife Park