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Facebook introduces ''Sleep Mode'' for parents in Messenger Kids

29 April 2018

Parental controls are core to the Messenger Kids experience, and today we're launching a sleep mode for the app- a new feature that allows parents to set predetermined "off times" for the app on a child's device.

Announced on Friday, Facebook is adding a sleep mode to Messenger Kids.

"Sleep mode" feature live within a parent's main Facebook app but for now though only one parent will have the access to control this feature inside Facebook.

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As far as what happens when sleep mode is activated, the app won't deliver notifications, kids won't be able to send or receive messages, and they won't be able to access the app's camera functionality, either. Any attempt to open Messenger Kids will be met with a message telling the child the app is in sleep mode and that they should come back later. Parents access the control center through their own Facebook account, where they can stipulate when the app should be on lockdown - "during the week", "weekends", and at specific hours during those periods. Parents can change the "off times" whenever they want.

Moreover, the child will get a warning 10 minutes before the "sleep mode" activates so that he/she can finish and wind up any ongoing conversations on the app. The social networking giant has no intention of pulling the plug on what is a window into the Facebook world for those yet to reach the ripe old age of 13. We took this feedback to heart and built a feature that gives that level of control to parents. For example, you could prevent your kids from using the app after 8pm on weekdays when they should be sleeping or doing their homework. Google hopes this is another step in the right direction of making YouTube Kids a safe-space for the 11 million children who watch videos in the app every week. For more guidance and resources, visit our Parents Portal at This could be a good time to let them know that you're setting limits for them on Messenger Kids.

Facebook introduces ''Sleep Mode'' for parents in Messenger Kids