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'Fortnite' meteor reveals possible theme for next season

27 April 2018

This latest teaser has everyone opening their minds about what the infamous Fortnite meteor could really mean for the future of the game. Could the arrival of the mysterious comet be closer than ever before?

Fans have been anxiously following the appearance of a meteor spotted in the sky in-game, as well as what it could mean for the Fortnite meta.

The extended downtime lead to Epic Games giving players a free backbling item and Battle Stars to make up for the delays.

One of the first sightings of a meteor making impact to the map of Fortnite came from community member Fire Breather on Twitter where they posted a video showing multiple flaming projectiles from the sky land right near them during a match today.

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This has further fuelled speculation that the comet will land alongside an alien spacecraft, a speculation only further fuelled by the presence of a protestor sign recently added to the game appearing to show a UFO inside a pink heart.

It also, whilst indirectly, references the Meteor, as the image is also reminiscent of a comet-like shape crashing down. Are we finally going to see the fall of Tilted Towers or some sort of game-changing update in the coming days? The game hasn't even been out for a full year yet, and we are already going into its fourth season of play with new rewards, challenges, and more.

Now in game, TVs are playing an emergency broadcast, which seems to contain a message in Morse code. Turns out the mad lads actually managed to do it! The key question though, is whether Luminosity managed to gain a single point to get themselves on the board. In it she says the game's terms and conditions require parental consent for minors to play the game, which she claims she did not give.

'Fortnite' meteor reveals possible theme for next season