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Spotify launches mobile app with on-demand playlists for users

25 April 2018

The playlists will be based on your musical tastes and Spotify will also build out playlists which include content from RapCaviar, Viva Latino, Ultimate Indie and Alternative R&B as well as more personalized mixes such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix. It proactively caches songs on a device based on listening in order to reduce music streaming data costs for users with data caps. It will also impact the battery less.

It's always nice to get something for free, and if you happen to be a Spotify user without a paid subscription, you're about to get a few more features for nothing. Spotify says 60 percent of its Premium users started with free accounts.

Instead of simply cracking down on restriction-dodging tactics, Spotify has made a decision to vastly improve the platform's unpaid experience, which may seem like a counterintuitive method of boosting those all-important "Premium" subscriber numbers.

-- On-demand playlists We want all users to have more control over the listening experience so everyone can both discover new artists and return to old favorites.

Currently, Spotify is available in two forms; the free version or the premium version. "We don't think of ourselves as the R&D department of Spotify, we think of ourselves as the R&D department of the music industry", he said, emphasizing that the service is still small when compared to the scale of broadcast radio, which does not pay royalties in the United States.

The move is part of an effort to attract more paying subscribers.

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Spotify announced a series of improvements to its free service at a press event on Tuesday.

There will also be a Data Saver function where as the name implies, will result in less data being consumed while streaming.

Spotify said the new freemium experience will be rolling out globally on Apple and Android to all markets in the coming weeks. Free users will still have to shuffle to listen to songs outside of those select playlists.

One of the most important features that we are looking forward to in the update is the low data mode which is oriented towards reducing mobile data consumption for users.

Now that Spotify is officially a public company, it has to continually make more money year-over-year to appease shareholders. Whereas with a Premium subscription you could play any song you wanted whenever you wanted, Free members would be forced to hit the shuffle button if they wanted to play music.

Spotify launches mobile app with on-demand playlists for users