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FTC's Facebook Audit Didn't Catch Cambridge Analytica Leaks

22 April 2018

Facebook is accused of allowing UK-based data company Cambridge Analytica to harvest the personal details of more than 50 million users without their permission to target them during the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the Brexit referendum, Xinhua reported.

Indonesia has given Facebook a week to provide more information on how personal data of about one million of its citizens was misused and on the steps the company is taking to prevent such breaches, the country's communications ministry said.

"Anybody can be taken by this", said Bagnetto, 38, a triathlon coach who lives in Bloomfield, New Jersey, and said he didn't blame whichever of his friends took the quiz for exposing his data.

"Facebook has done a credit to the entire industry because they brought this back out into the public spotlight", Howe said.

Data brokers faced the prospect of tougher USA oversight in 2014, after the FTC in a report called for legislation that would enable consumers to more easily learn how data brokers use their data, correct it or opt out of the process.

"Facebook needs to show more openness and transparency when dealing with user data", said Nadine Schoen, deputy leader of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc in the Bundestag.

Andrew McCabe's case referred to federal prosecutors
You're reporting that prosecutors are considering whether he could face criminal charges over statements to investigators. A spokesman for the USA attorney's office in Washington could not immediately be reached.

The company was hired by Donald Trump's presidential campaign during the 2016 election. "I do think it mattered, just because it was information that was so detailed".

Moving forward, companies like Facebook can take a greater stance against those who wish to use online spaces to corrupt. The system has now been called into question, after its 2017 audit failed to detect behind the scenes activity surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In an interview aired Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press", Wylie said the true number could be even larger than 87 million. Facebook may or may not feel a moral imperative to protect the users that allow it to exist, but that does not mean it should not be held accountable for its actions, inactions, and indifference to user privacy.

The regulation will be in force from the 25 May and enshrined into United Kingdom law through the Data Protection Act 2018, and big companies will need to take their new responsibilities seriously.

In 2011, Facebook settled on a biennial external review process for 20 years after FTC's charges that the company gave away far more data to third-party developers than it told the users.

Alongside these duties they must also act to improve the way they communicate to their users about what information they are providing access to when they sign up to an app, and must do so in a way that is easy to find and to understand. He was comfortable with some of the fitness apps on the list, but deleted others, including games he hasn't been playing and an app for finding Wi-Fi connections.

FTC's Facebook Audit Didn't Catch Cambridge Analytica Leaks