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Sega Mega Drive Mini announced in Japan

15 April 2018

Officially unveiled at Sega FES 2018 on Friday, the "Mega Drive Mini" - it's a working title - will launch in Japan first according to Polygon, with "the United States and other territories" set to follow later this year.

Sega is getting in on the nostalgic, miniature console trend.

During SEGA FES 2018 in Akihabara, Japan, SEGA revealed its Mega Drive Mini which will launch this summer in the region. Since M2 has a really good reputation for handling emulation of the re-released games especially with the Sega Ages title. Releasing under the Sega Ages label, classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Thunder Force 4, and more will be making their way to the Switch.

Sega has fulfilled the dreams of nostalgic gamers across the globe in its grand unveiling of the Sega Mega Drive Mini at this year's Sega festival.

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Sega Ages is not a new series.

At the moment we do not know about the pricing of these 15 titles so as soon as we hear something regarding the upcoming titles, we will let you guys know. However, the Switch was seemingly absent from this announcement.

This could be a change in direction from the company's long-standing relationship with AtGames, whose Sega Genesis Flashback console tried, and failed, to match Nintendo's efforts past year.

Sega released the original Mega Drive in Japan on October 29th, 1988, and in North America on August 14th, 1989, ultimately selling more than 30 million devices worldwide.

Sega Mega Drive Mini announced in Japan