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Masabi and Uber enter ride-sharing and transit ticketing partnership

13 April 2018

All app-based cab services like Uber have specially-trained incident response teams that are available around the clock in order to handle any urgent concerns which may arise. This gives users greater and more convenient access to tickets for public transit services.

The company is launching a new vehicle rental service on its app, giving Uber's users access to a auto for short needs like a daytime field trip or picking up groceries. As the industry grows into one of the most prominent revenue-generating ones in India, the one thing that Uber is focusing on right now is its customer satisfaction as well as educating all Uber riders about various aspects of the ride they hire. Critics of the move believe that Uber Movement could have a disruptive impact, as the company's move to share data shields the feature's true motive. You can also set it so ride information is shared only at night.

But in heralding the company's partnership with the city, Khosrowshahi also used the opportunity to subtly criticise Bowser's proposal to tax ride-hail companies, including Uber, to raise money for the city's share of the Metro funding package.

"I mean there's a couple of times where you don't feel as safe", Futo said. Last year's FTC charges stemmed, in part, from Uber ending use of that system less than a year after it was put in place. But what this deal does do is offer a further example of how integrated multi-stage door-to-door trips, known to some as "Mobility-as-a-Service" ("MaaS") can actually be delivered.

Uber plans to add several new safety features this summer. But we've heard feedback from the cities we operate in that access to some of our aggregated data could help inform transport policy and future investments.

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Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced the initiative April 11 on the company's website. It also works with Masabi to let users make payments and receive mobile tickets.

Uber has been criticized for what regulators have seen as relaxed driver screening standards. Driver Jason Brian Dalton did not have a prior criminal record, police said, meaning standard checks would not have disqualified him from the app.

The fears about passenger safety were illustrated most dramatically when an Uber driver allegedly went on a shooting rampage in Kalamazoo, Mich., in 2016, killing six, and was reported to have picked up passengers before and during his shooting rampage.

The new safety features roll out in the USA today.

Chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi presented the plans during a visit to Washington, where he said the ride-hailing pioneer would seek a more diversified model offering various transport options, including auto rentals on a partner peer-to-peer service.

Masabi and Uber enter ride-sharing and transit ticketing partnership