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Ronda Rousey wows in WWE WrestleMania debut

10 April 2018

Rousey teamed up with Kurt Angle to defeat Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a mixed tag team match at WrestleMania 34 on Sunday night.

He was made to wait, and had to deal with Elias first, but when the lights went out one more time, and the trenchcoat, hat and gloves Taker left in the ring a year ago appeared in the ring, business picked up and we got ourselves a match. Because the camera couldn't stop cutting back to him to get a reaction. He did a song about how Cena sucks and so do the fans in New Orleans.

Cena made quick work of Elias, and walked off disappointed before the Dead Man finally rose after some shenanigans with his ring gear disappearing in the ring.

After outside interference from Triple H, Rousey and the WWE's chief operating officer squared off in the ring - something that has rarely ever been allowed in a WWE ring - with Rousey landing more blows before McMahon re-entered. However, Steph was back in the ring again and helped pull him down.

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The MMA fighter has found her groove in the world of professional wrestling, winning her debut on Sunday night in front of a roaring crowd. Rousey's new boss struggled for a while to hold her off but Rousey used her strength and locked the hold on to make Steph instantly tap out.

But then the lights went out.

This was Rousey's first in-ring athletic display since competing in a losing effort to current UFC champion Amana Nunes at UFC 207 on December 30, 2016.

Ronda Rousey wows in WWE WrestleMania debut