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Are Apple's rumored new iPhone features Android ripoffs, or revolutionary?

06 April 2018

It is the first non-Pro iPad model to feature support for Apple Pencil and is mainly geared toward the education sector, but makes a great, affordable tablet as well, especially considering the Apple Pencil support.

Apple says "iPad's handsome 9.7-inch Retina display delivers gorgeous detail and vivid colours, and features a higher-resolution touch sensor which enables Apple Pencil support". Instead of putting the sensors in the bezel, the entire screen would act as a sensor to detect finger proximity and position. Apple is also working on new screen technology, called MicroLED, but that's around three to five years away. The curves will presumably be a lot more noticeable than the slightly curved display on the bottom of the iPhone X.

Samsung has been toying with curved screen technology for a while now and it seems as if Apple is about to get onto the bandwagon too.

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China expresses " strong dissatisfaction " over the decision, adding that it "aggravates the global trade environment". On Monday, China returned fire by imposing similar measures on $3 billion worth of US pork, fruit and other items.

The plan, reported by Bloomberg, has been rumored for several years, as Apple has taken on more chip design for devices. If you can recall, Samsung launched Air View for Galaxy devices that allows users to a take peek at the content in apps and do other things. Google's ATAP research group has been working on similar technology through a program known as Project Soli.

Those familiar with Samsung's Galaxy line will likely remember that the South Korean manufacturer has played with simple hand gesture controls in the past, most notably with the Galaxy S4 and S6. The gestures wouldn't need to be close to the screen like how Apple is developing its gesture feature.

Nothing is certain, and with the time frame that is provided in the report, these features could change. Apple as always has not made any comments on this issue, so we would have to wait to see if the report eventually turns out to be legit. Patents have been filed, but the technology to create this feature still hasn't caught up with the idea.