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Newport News man arrested for shooting at woman in vehicle

04 April 2018

She was arrested on charges of third-degree assault of a police or probation officer, first-degree disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, public intoxication and menacing, court records show.

A caller reported a disturbance at an address on South Ash.

Spit and bite guards (SBG) are being issued to all frontline officers as a protective measure to help prevent being spat on and bitten.

The victim told police he thought he might have lost consciousness while he was hit in the face, police said. But after his body was found and the revelation of the post-mortem report that he was sodomized and strangled, the police registered a case of kidnapping, murder and unnatural act at Vadu police station in Padra. Valdes then abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot into the Knolls Lodge mobile home park, police said. At that time, a second person suddenly appeared and pushed her into the room, the victim said.

News outlets report Elizabethtown police arrested 23-year-old Kevin Carter at an apartment complex early Sunday.

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Labour MP John Woodcock, a longtime critic of Corbyn, said it was "irresponsible and dangerous" for him to have met with Jewdas. Karen Pollock, the chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, claimed that Corbyn's meeting was "clearly deliberate".

When his auto was spiked near Mahurangi West Rd, the driver approached officers with a machete and police then fired shots. Shortly after that, a stranger with a handgun entered the residence and demanded money, police said.

Authorities impounded the vehicles as well.

Anyone with further information about the suspect is asked to contact Sandy Springs Police Detective Will Johnson at 770-551-3314.

The woman told investigators she couldn't think of anyone who would want to hurt her.

Newport News man arrested for shooting at woman in vehicle