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SpaceX to launch cargo from Space Coast

03 April 2018

This is SpaceX's 52nd flight of a Falcon 9 - its 53rd counting the maiden flight of the Falcon Heavy rocket in February and its 14th station resupply mission.

Watch views of the Falcon 9 rocket's fiery liftoff Monday at Cape Canaveral from multiple angles as the slender, kerosene-fueled launcher climbed into space on the way to the International Space Station. The mission's Falcon 9 first-stage rocket was previously used on the CRS-12 mission in August 2017. SpaceX has a backup launch date on Tuesday at 4:08PM ET in case that happens.

NASA said the delivery of supplies and equipment will include science investigations for National Laboratory research.

Once installed, an Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor will be outside the space station to survey severe thunderstorms and monitor upper-atmosphere lightning.

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CRS contracts have revolutionized the way scientists conduct experiments aboard the ISS.

As of January 2016, the ISS has served as the venue for a total of 1,700 studies, which were conducted by representatives of more than 83 countries.

SpaceX sent another Dragon spaceship into space on Monday afternoon. Today's weather seems like it will cooperate for a flight; there's an 80 percent chance that conditions will be favorable for launch, with the possibility of some rain and cumulus clouds. These uniquely aggressive landing attempts are all believed to have ignited three Merlin 1D engines rather than the single engine typically ignited for landing burns, providing a more efficient use of propellant reserves at the cost of extreme acceleration (G) forces and far slimmer margins of error. While the rocket is in space, a report states that it will be replaced by its new version known as the Block V.

The Falcon rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, hoisting a Dragon capsule full of food, experiments and other station goods for Nasa.

SpaceX to launch cargo from Space Coast