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New question on upcoming 2020 census has some raising an eyebrow

01 April 2018

This question should not be a deterrent to participation for anyone.

Pelosi also castigated Trump for disregarding the views of earlier Census Bureau directors from both parties who objected to the question, and to recent census staff research that pointed to worries in immigrant communities that census takers will pass data to immigration officials. The Maryland jurisdiction of almost 900,000 people borders Washington, D.C., with 65 percent of the population African American. But in 1978, the law was changed and now prohibits the Census Bureau from sharing this data with other government agencies.

Federal law requires that citizens are counted in a decennial census that not only helps redraw political boundaries, but also for counties and states to receive federal money for improvement of schools, roads and other needs. If that seems like the most confused question you've heard, you might have missed the morning papers.

"I know that no parent in my neighborhood is going to be opening the door for anyone doing a survey", said Morio, 32, a stucco plasterer helping to erect a multimillion-dollar home in Los Angeles.

Some advocates accused the administration of intentionally intimidating immigrant communities, and vowed to mount a campaign to encourage people to participate, rather than shun, census takers. An estimated 2.1 percent of the African-American and 1.5 percent of the Hispanic population were missed during the last Census.

These actions fly in the face of centuries of bipartisan consensus on the importance of a precise and reliable Census count, which is required by the United States Constitution.

"It is important that we're able to count citizens of a voting age population and the key word there are citizens", said Chris Wilson, a Republican strategist.

"An undercount will mean fewer resources in an area that is high-need and growing", Reyna said.

He says a citizenship question could hurt IL due to the high number of non-citizens living in the state. Asking about citizenship will reduce responses from immigrant families, which are already less likely than others to answer government surveys and are today terrified by President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric.

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The lawsuit has been months in the making and is separate from efforts being taken in states, including California, New York and New Jersey, to prevent a citizenship question from being included in the decennial census.

"In a very transparent way, [I] talked to them about our role as federal employees and servants of the people of the United States to ensure that we continue to do a good census regardless of the conditions that we do it under out in the community", he said.

The last time the Census Bureau asked all US households a question about USA citizenship was in 1950.

The citizenship question appeared on every Census form from 1820 through 1950.

Lamborn said it's imporatnt to know who's a USA citizen and who's not.

The citizenship question will be the same as the one that is asked on the yearly American Community Survey (ACS).

Once an unauthorized immigrant, Gladis Perez benefited from a 1986 amnesty program to legalize her status.

They noted that the Commerce Department had failed to disclose a year ago its plans to include a citizenship topic in the survey as required by federal law.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said that the decision to gather citizenship data is "necessary for the Department of Justice to protect voters". "I wouldn't even open the door".

New question on upcoming 2020 census has some raising an eyebrow